Helix knocks 25% off its perfect side sleeper mattress this Memorial Day

Helix Midnight mattress
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Helix has launched its official Memorial Day sale with 25% off the Helix Midnight mattress, our top-rated bed for side sleeping. This is a slightly higher discount than the 20% saving we spotted last month, making now a good time to buy. 

That said, the base price of the Helix Midnight has also risen slightly, so while a queen size cost $1,099 last month after reductions, it’s down to $1,030 (was $1,373.80) with this year’s Memorial Day mattress sale. That’s still a great price for one of the best mattresses in America.

The medium-feel Midnight is one of only a few mattresses designed especially for side sleeping, focusing heavily on reducing pressure points. That adds up to longer periods of comfier sleep and less pain for your shoulders, hips and knees when side-lying. You’ll get 100 nights to trial it at home before committing, with three different variations of the Midnight available – from the basic model we’re covering here (from $702) up to the new luxury Midnight Elite (from $1,714).

Helix Midnight mattress review

Helix Midnight mattress review
Save up to $437 at Helix Sleep

Summary: We rate the 11.5” hybrid Helix Midnight as the best mattress for side sleepers thanks to soothing pressure relief and a mid section that contours to your curves. Plus you can upgrade it (for an extra $199) with a cooling cover to dissipate heat if you sleep hot. Helix offers the Midnight on a 100-night trial, which isn’t as long as competitor brands but still plenty of time to help you decide whether it’s right for your body. You’ll also get two free pillows worth $150 when buying the Midnight.

Key features: Hybrid mattress (memory fom and coils), choice of three models and heights (11.5”, 13.5” Luxe or 16” Elite), dedicated side sleeper support, optional GlacioTex Cooling Cover, 10-15 year warranty, 100-night trial, free shipping.

Price history:

Helix Sleep usually offers 20% off its mattresses, with 25% being at the top end of discounts offered by the brand. Last year’s Memorial Day sales carried a maximum discount of $350 off the brand’s luxury mattress range, but the price of the Helix Midnight was cheaper back then. In May 2022 a queen size Midnight cost $999 on sale (a saving of $100), whereas now a queen Midnight costs $1,030 on sale. That’s a small increase really, especially considering the high quality of this mattress. It didn’t get any cheaper during Black Friday either, so now is a good time to buy. Helix has also bundles it with two free Dream Pillows worth $150, taking your maximum saving this time to $587 if you buy a king size.

Reviews consensus: Tom's Guide ★★★★½ | TechRadar: ★★★½ 

Buy it if: You’re a die-hard side sleeper prone to restlessness, as that mid-section of the Helix Midnight contours to your body when you wriggle around. Motion isolation is also strong here, so you won’t disturb your partner so much in bed. Also buy it if you suffer from shoulder, hip or knee pain when side sleeping as there’s plenty of support and cushioning here.

Don’t buy it if: You just sleep on your stomach, as the Midnight won’t be firm enough to keep your spine aligned, meaning it may dip in the middle and cause back pain. We’d also recommend plus size sleepers to check out Helix’ Plus range, which offers better support to keep you on top of the mattress.

The Helix Midnight comes in three variations: the entry-level Midnight (11.5” tall), the Midnight Luxe (13.5” tall) or the newly released Helix Midnight Elite (16” tall). The mattresses became more luxurious and expensive as you move up through the range, with the Elite sporting five high-density foam layers, plus microcoils and a cooling cover to cradle your body from head to toe, all while reducing pressure point pain and overheating. 

Helix Sleep offers 100 night trials on each of its mattresses, with free delivery and returns within the trial period. 

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