Google Nest video doorbell just hit its lowest price ever on Amazon

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Want to get yourself one of the best video doorbells? You're in luck, as our favorite video doorbell has just hit a new all-time low price.

Right now, the Google Nest Doorbell (Battery) is just $129 on Amazon. At $50 off, it's hit its lowest price ever, so there's no better time than now to pick one up. Plus, if that wasn't enough for you, our best home security camera has hit its lowest price too: that's the Google Nest Cam for $129 on Amazon.

Google Nest Doorbell (Battery): was $179 now $129 @ Amazon

Google Nest Doorbell (Battery): was $179 now $129 @ Amazon
Our favorite video doorbell is currently $50 off on Amazon, its lowest price ever. This video doorbell has an excellent picture, can announce familiar faces arriving at the door, and can also recognise packages, animals, and vehicles.

Google Nest Cam (2nd Gen): was $179 now $129 @ Amazon

Google Nest Cam (2nd Gen): was $179 now $129 @ Amazon
The Google Nest Cam is our #1 pick for the best home security camera, and now it's hit its lowest price ever. It has sharp picture quality, 3 hours of video storage on the camera itself, and person, animal, and vehicle detection.

Google Nest Doorbell (Battery): was £179 now £129 @ Amazon UK

Google Nest Doorbell (Battery): was £179 now £129 @ Amazon UK
In the UK? You can get our favorite video doorbell for £129 on Amazon UK, its lowest price ever.

The Google Nest Doorbell (Battery) is our pick for the best video doorbell, and it's easy to see why. It has a great design, is simple to install, and has a lot of great features included for free (that other video doorbells charge for).

For example, the Google Nest Doorbell offers free person, animal, package, vehicle detection, and can also store 3 hours of video on the doorbell itself for free, too. So if your internet or power goes down, your video doorbell won't let you down. Plus, even though it's called the Google Nest Doorbell Battery, you can power it either by battery or by wired connection.

If you're looking to upgrade your home security setup, then definitely consider the Nest Cam (Battery). It holds the top spot in our best home security cameras ranking, and shares a lot of the great qualities of the Google Nest Doorbell. It's got a similar stylish look, plus the person, animal, package, and vehicle detection and 3 hours of free video storage. And if you're looking for an indoor security camera to complete the set, the Google Nest Cam (Indoor, Wired) is $79 on Amazon right now as well; that's its lowest price ever.

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