All I want for Prime Day is a discount on the Xbox Series X Expansion Cards — here’s why

seagate xbox series x expansion cards in 512GB 1TB and 2tb
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When it comes to my Xbox Series X, I prefer not to have to uninstall games to free up space if I can help it. Unfortunately 1TB of space only goes so far when Series X games are concerned, and compatible SSDs are incredibly expensive — certainly compared to PS5 SSDs

Fortunately Prime Day might be the perfect opportunity to pick up a 1TB Xbox expansion card for its lowest ever price. While there have been sales on the cards before, they never really dropped by any significant amount. That happens when a single company, in this case Seagate, has the only option.

While SSDs are available from a huge range of companies, the Xbox Series X (and Series S) uses a proprietary connector that was only available from Seagate. Simply plugging in an SSD, even one with read/write speeds fast enough to play Xbox Series X games, wouldn’t cut it. Maybe for Xbox One and Xbox 360 games, but not the Series X. And that made expanding your storage an awkward, and costly endeavor.

But Seagate isn’t the only option in town any more, with competition from Western Digital seemingly forcing the company to lower their prices. That means a 1TB Xbox expansion card will set you back $150, rather than $220. But I’m still waiting in the hopes that this price will drop even further. After all, Prime Day is next week, and I’d have to part with my money only to watch the price sink even further.

Plus $150 is a lot to pay for a 1TB SSD, even for a games console. Particularly since you can pick up a 2TB SSD for the PS5 for $142 at the time of writing. But sadly Xbox Series X games need a very specific type of SSD, and the choice has been artificially limited — not to mention expensive.

That’s why I’m hoping the Prime Day 2023 sales will go another step further into making things right. It would be nice to see the price drop below $100, which would be more in line with a sale on 1TB SSDs, but that would be a little too unrealistic. In fact it probably wouldn’t take too much of a discount to make me finally take the plunge, after so many years of looking at the Xbox expansion card’s price tag with dismay. 

$10 off might make me pause for thought, but $15? $20? That’s definitely a price I would take advantage of and, dare I say it, wouldn’t leave me angry at myself if the price dropped even further in the run-up to Black Friday.

Of course now I simply have to play the waiting game and hope Prime Day can give me the discount I’m waiting for. In the meantime be sure to check out the Prime Day deals for all the best discounts already available.

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  • JPSoler
    While it isn't the same, I found using my 6tb hhd to backup my games when not in use a good work around, even the largest games only take 10-15 minutes to transfer.
  • StellarSellards
    Yeah I don't think the pri ces dropped at all. There is an exclusive prime day deal but its the same price as best buy. 139.99 for the 1tb and 279.99 for the 2 tb.