Samsung Launches Super Slim Watch Phone

Everyone got all Dick Tracey and excited when LG announced its wristwatch cell phone in 2007. When the company showed off the real thing at CES, we figured it would only be a matter of time before we saw something similar from someone else. Now Samsung brings us what the company is calling the world's slimmest wristwatch cell phone, and yes, we're very excited.

Similar to the LG GD910, Samsung's S9110 boasts Bluetooth technology and voice recognition, which means making calls is a lot easier than holding your watch up to your ear or mouth. It boasts a 1.7 inch touchscreen display, a stainless steel body and leather strap. In comparison to LG's 13.9 mm model, Samsung's offering is just 11.98 mm (0.48 inches) thick which is impressive.

Unlike the year and a half we've been waiting for he GD910 to hit shelves (LG says we're looking at 2H09) Samsung has said the S9110 will go on sale in France this month and then in other European markets. No word on a U.S. release yet. Pricing is set at around €450 or $640. Who wants one?

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  • nelson_nel
    This is exclusively for people who are TRYING to be tech dorks. No real geek can actually WANT one of these things for anything other than to say they have one. Otherwise, you are really far gone... Just saying.
  • zambutu
    does it tell time too then? would you plug yourself in whenever the batteries died or just give up your timepiece for a time. Pick me up Kit.
  • Parrdacc
    This is only targeted for bragging rights. How much rights you get, well depends on the crowd you hang with I guess.