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PS4 vs. Xbox One: Console Comparison

PS4 vs. Xbox One: Console Comparison

D-Day is coming for gamers eagerly anticipating Sony’s PlayStation 4 and Microsoft’s Xbox One. In the months leading up to launch, the race continues to heat up between the $499 One and the $399 PS4 as more information concerning specs, features and games becomes available.

The Xbox One aims to be the only set-top box you need, combining live TV, voice control and a much-improved Kinect experience. The cheaper PS4 is all about the games, focusing on jaw-dropping graphics, social sharing and nifty second-screen features.

So, which console should you buy? We put the PS4 and Xbox One through a 10-round preview slugfest to predict which system will deliver the best gaming experience.

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    Master0Fevil22 , December 4, 2013 7:30 PM
    This is just not true. The Xbox One has a faster CPU...period. It's clocked at 1.75Ghz vs the PS4's 1.6Ghz. On eight CPU cores...that makes a difference. It also has a dedicated audio processor and that further off-loads the CPU (they used two Xbox 360 cores of 6 available just to process audio last gen)

    As far as the GPU goes, yes they're are more cores on the PS4, but they are slower per core.

    SO, highly parallized task will run better on PS4

    Single threaded GPU task will run faster on the Xbox One

    It's like having two slower guys go the store to get groceries vs one faster guy. Yeah, the two guys will eventually bring back more food, but the faster guy will be back quicker.

    Same goes for the Graphics RAM. GDDR5 has more bandwidth than DDR3 but it's also slower in terms of its latency. Aka..the Xbox One's DDR3 is better for "quick hits" to the memory. Things will feel snapier even tho it has lower main system bandwith. To further compensate for that and really deliver the best of both worlds, you have the ESRAM which has higher memory bandwidth than the PS4 has anywhere in the system; which you can use for a frame buffer, process post process effects on, whatever and you also have the Move Engines which let you shuffle data across the memory without using additional resources. It offloads the memory pipeline and GPU much in the same way the dedicated audio processor offloads the CPU.

    Therefore, you have two different systems that each have their own strengths in their own areas. 3rd party devs will homogenize the games and 1st party devs will exploit all the unique characteristics of that each machine has to offer and they will both get GREAT LOOKING GAMES.

    Check out even the launch games! Forza 5, Killzone and Ryse all look SICK. Things are gonna get good :D 
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    Master0Fevil22 , December 4, 2013 7:46 PM
    PS4 cannot play PS3 titles (they announced play via Gaki but that has not happened).

    Xbox One cannot natively play Xbox 360 either, but....

    Xbox One can play PS4 games, PS3 games, Xbox 360 games, Wii U TV, satelite, whatever u want (that uses HDMI) all through the consoles HDMI pass through; which is pretty boss.

    The Controllers are both good. The PS4 definitely fixed the PS3's crappy triggers..(thank god) and their sticks are both good (tho better on the Xbone due to great sensitivity and textured grip). Dpad's gotta go to the PS4, and yeah it has a speaker in it and touch pad, but the Xbox One has impulse triggers which should pan out to be pretty useful in shooting games and a lot of other games where tactile feedback is needed or helps the player.
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    Master0Fevil22 , December 4, 2013 7:56 PM

    Xblive just has access to Microsoft's 300,000 plus Azure server farms where they say they've allocated an additional 3x the performance of each individual system in resouces for each Xbox One to use. PS4 is getting no such aid from Sony's infrastructure. Speaking of infrastructure...who do you think has a better network (switching, routing, firewalls, servers, storage, etc) MICROSOFT's no contest.

    They will have better online with clearer voice from Kinect vs PS Camera or from PS4's in game audio chat via any headset vs Xbox Ones bc Microsoft are using higher quality codecs, higher bit rate, higher sampling frequency, etc than sony on all fronts. AND they no what they're doing. They do networking and servers all day long. They're going to have greater bandwidth and lower latency online. Not to mention letting developers use dedicted servers, which sony cannot match.

    Games like Titan Fall and Forza and future perpetual open world games will only be possible on Mircosofts infrastructure.
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