How to Set Up Remote Play on PS4

If you have both a PlayStation 4 and a PlayStation Vita from Sony, your days of monopolizing the living-room TV might be over. Most PS4 games support Remote Play, which allows you to stream games from your home console to your Vita.

Setting up Remote Play is a bit of a process, and it doesn't work with every game. However, if you follow a few simple instructions (and have a good Internet connection), you can play "Assassin's Creed IV" on the small screen while your spouse or kids watch whatever they want on the screen to which your console is physically connected. (You won't know what they're watching. You'll be too busy playing PS4 games.)

Setting up Remote Play is not difficult, and once you do it, you'll be all set for whenever you want to play PS4 games on your Vita. Here's how to set up Remote Play:

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1. Access Remote Play in Settings. From the PS4 home screen, scroll up and click Settings. Then, access PS Vita Connection Settings.

2. Begin the connection process. On the Connection Settings screen, you'll have three options: Enable Remote Play, Connect Directly with PS Vita, and Add Device. The easiest option is the second. Click on Connect Directly.

3. Prep your Vita. If it's not already active, turn on your Vita and connect it to the same Wi-Fi network as your PS4. Access PS4 Link from the Settings menu.

4. Input your code. On your TV screen, you'll see a code to link your PS4 and your Vita. Type in the code on your Vita, and click Confirm. (You'll have 5 minutes to accomplish this — so don't rush, but don't go off to walk your dog or anything, either.)

5. Use your Vita. At this point, your PS4 should automatically connect to your Vita. From here, you can use your Vita just as you would use your PS4. If you want to cut the connection or access Vita-specific features, click on the PS button on the lower-left corner of the Vita.

Believe it or not, that's all it takes to hook up your two systems. Keep in mind that your Remote Play quality will depend on the strength of your Wi-Fi connection, and not all PS4 games will work with it (although the vast majority will).

Be careful about sharing this handy feature with anyone who competes with you for TV space, however. It's handy to play "Assassin's Creed IV" on a 6-inch screen, but you probably don't want to experience the whole game that way.

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