App Detects iPhone Radiation; Apple Nukes

It seems Apple wants to hide the fact that its lovable little iPhone could be eating your brain alive. According to an article over on TechCrunch, Israeli startup company Tawkon developed an app that analyzes the cellular radiation emanating from the device, whether its in standby mode, or while you're in a call.

Radiation levels vary depending on environmental changes, your proximity to cell towers, and in the way the device is held. Even blocking the antennae with your hand will cause the device to work harder, thus increasing the amount of radiation. Supposedly the app detects the various levels in real-time.

Obviously this could be useful information, however Apple has decided not to approve the app, claiming that "a diagnostic tool of this nature would create confusion with iPhone owners from a usability perspective." This explanation was provided by an App Store representative on a phone call with the Tawkon team.

Tawkon is currently working on versions for Google's Android and RIM's Blackberry platforms.