Brook + Wilde Suprema mattress review 2024

The Brook + Wilde Suprema mattress offers fantastic support, with options to suit most sleepers.

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The Brook + Wilde Suprema is a made-to-order, nine-layer luxury mattress available in three firmness levels, created with sustainable materials and finished to a high standard. Our main reviewer, a lighter weight combi-sleeper with back pain, tested the Suprema Firm. Initially it was too hard, causing new shoulder and hip pain. However after just a few days of breaking in the Suprema all that pain disappeared, transforming this mattress into a comfortable option for back and combi-sleepers. Our testers rate it highly for cooling and pressure relief, also stating that it reduces motion isolation well for undisturbed sleep. Edge support is the weak point – keep that in mind if you need a bed that's easy to get in and out of. Otherwise, we recommend the Brook + Wilde Suprema to all sleepers seeking a comfy, cool and supportive luxury mattress designed with sustainability in mind.


  • +

    Comes in three firmness options

  • +

    Excellent pressure relief

  • +

    Protects natural spinal alignment

  • +

    Removable, washable cover

  • +

    Free delivery and setup


  • -

    Weak edge support

  • -

    Feels firmer than advertised

  • -

    Up to four weeks for delivery

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Brook + Wilde Suprema mattress review in brief

The Brook + Wilde Suprema is the second most affordable mattress in the luxury sleep brand's award-winning range. We reviewed the Suprema for four weeks, with our lead tester being particularly interested in whether it could ease her ongoing back pain and general aches and discomfort.

Brook + Wilde Suprema mattress review: Specs

Type: Hybrid
Materials: Memory foam, other foams, coils, nano coils
Firmness: Soft (3/10), Medium (5/10), Firm (7/10); we tested the Firm and rated it at 8.5/10
Depth: 29cm
Trial period: 200 nights
Warranty: 10 years
RRP: from £1,499 at Brook + Wilde

We previously reviewed the Brook + Wilde Lux mattress, awarding it a test score of 4.5 out of 5, so we're keen to see if the Suprema is good enough to rank among this year's best mattresses for all sleepers too.

The Brook + Wilde Suprema comes in three firmness options. We tested the firm, rated as a 7 out of 10 on the firmness scale by Brook + Wilde. However our testers all found it much firmer – rating it at around 8.5 out of 10 on the firmness scale.

Our main tester for the Brook + Wilde Suprema is a lightweight back/side combi sleeper. Initially she found the Suprema too firm, with the mattress causing a few new aches around her shoulders and hips. But after a few days all of that disappeared, resulting in a marked improvement in both lower and upper back pain too. Our main tester’s co-sleeper (also a combination sleeper) is of average weight and found the Suprema comfortable from the start.

Brook + Wilde Suprema Mattress review image shows the mattress on our lead tester's wooden bed

We tested this double size Brook + Wilde Suprema Firm for four weeks (Image credit: Future)

Unless you suffer with back pain, we wouldn’t recommend the Brook + Wilde Suprema Firm to sleepers weighing 150lbs and under unless they sleep on their stomachs and like hard beds. Simply put, we feel there isn't enough cushioning to comfort lighter bodies in any sleeping position. Fortunately, the Suprema mattress is available in two other firmness options to cater to different body types and sleeping positions...

The Suprema Soft mattress is rated as a 3 out of 10 on the firmness scale, and the Suprema Medium is rated as a 5 out of 10, although we’d recommend taking these with a pinch of salt considering how the Firm option was much harder than we expected. The Suprema Soft should suit most lightweight and side sleepers, while the Suprema Medium should best suit back, side and combination sleepers.

The Brook + Wilde Suprema is worth the money for anyone searching for a durable and supportive luxury mattress with lasting comfort, pressure relief and a cooler feel

As well as the aforementioned back pain relief, the Firm option is the best choice for stomach and heavier-weight sleepers. There’s even an option to create an Extra Firm option for people weighing over 18 stone.

As for other key performance areas, the Brook + Wilde Suprema excells at motion isolation and does an excellent job of regulating in-bed temperature, helping our lead reviewer to stay cool during sleep. The only letdown is the edge support. Sitting on the edge of the Suprema is a bit of a precarious affair, although this is less noticeable when you’re lying on the mattress.

Brook + Wilde put a lot of effort into sustainability as well, with 95% of old mattresses recycled and the other 5% used for fuel. The brand use recyclable and biodegradable packaging, sustainable timber and support a variety of charities with regular donations.

You’ll get free premium delivery along with a 200-night trial period and a 10-year warranty when you buy the Suprema – that trial is double the industry standard, but still falls short of year long trials offered by the likes of Nectar Sleep, Emma Sleep, Eve Sleep and DreamCloud Sleep. The warranty is also a standard length, but again companies like Nectar and DreamCloud offer lifetime warranties to really boost your value for money.

While the Suprema sits in the luxury mattress price bracket, a regular sale price of up to 55% off makes it much more affordable. But even without a sale, and when factoring in the build quality and premium materials, we feel the Brook + Wilde Suprema is worth the money for anyone searching for a durable and supportive luxury mattress with lasting comfort, pressure relief and a cooler feel.

Brook + Wilde Suprema Mattress Review: Price & Trial

  • Second cheapest mattress in Brook + Wilde’s luxury range
  • Competitively priced compared to similar luxury hybrid beds
  • Regular discounts of up to 55%, reducing a double to £849

Corner of the Brook + Wilde Suprema Mattress we reviewed for four weeks

(Image credit: Future)

The Brook + Wilde Suprema is a luxury hybrid with an RRP to match. But, as with many of the big-name mattress-in-a-box brands, you’ll never pay full price. Still, even with the biggest discounts, the mattress is still in the premium bracket.

Here are the official RRP for the Suprema mattress in 2024:

  • Twin RRP: £1,499
  • Double RRP: £1,699
  • King RRP: £1,799
  • Super King RRP: £1,999

As previously mentioned, Brook + Wilde mattresses are never sold at full RRP, although the discounts vary quite dramatically. You can often find 40% off, but we've seen discounts as high as 55%. Brook + Wilde also like to offer generous extras such as bedding sets or even an iPad. However, you can't stack offers, so you'll have to choose between money-off and free items. 

The Brook + Wilde Suprema comes with a 200-night trial, which is a decent period of time to try out a mattress and see if it’s right for you. There’s also a 10-year warranty and free premium delivery, where the mattress will be delivered and set up in a room of your choosing. You can get your old mattress taken away, as well.

Brook + Wilde Suprema Mattress: from £1,499 at Brook + Wilde

Brook + Wilde Suprema Mattress: from £1,499 at Brook + Wilde
The Brook + Wilde Suprema is a luxury mattress available in your choice of three firmness levels, with the Firm being our recommendation for people with back pain or who weigh over 250lbs. We feel the Suprema is well priced considering the premium materials and high build quality, even more so when you take the generous discounts into consideration. You can regularly save up to 55% on the mattress with the code UPTO55, reducing the price of a double to £849.60 (was £1,699). You’ll also get a 200-night trial period, 10-year warranty and free premium delivery.

Brook + Wilde Suprema Mattress Review: Design

  • A 29cm thick hybrid mattress with nine layers
  • Breathable and washable top cover
  • Two layers of pocket springs and one layer of nano springs

The Brook + Wilde Suprema is 29cm deep and made of a combination of foams and springs. At the top is a breathable, removable, and washable cover (brownie points immediately for this) that’s hypoallergenic and OEKO-TEX 100-certified. The cover is also treated with Bugshield cover technology, which the brand says will eliminate over 90% of bedbugs. 

Image shows how the design of the nine-layer Brook + Wilde Suprema Mattress supports the body and reduces pressure points during sleep

(Image credit: Brook + Wilde)

Underneath this is the memory foam protector, which is designed to help the top cover move independently and provides some gentle contouring. Next up are another two layers of foam. The high-density aurora foam layer has an open cell structure to with breathability and moisture evaporation. 

This is also where you’ll find the brand’s ‘Wave Technology’, with the foam feeling slightly firmer at the foot end to support spinal alignment and gradually transitioning to a softer feel at the shoulders to allow more sinkage. A second layer of high-grade support foam provides stability and cushioning around pressure points.

The foam layers are followed by three layers of springs. First up are 2,000 pocket springs for comfort and support on pressure points. These are followed by 1,000 nano springs to give a little bounce. 

Finally, there’s another layer of 2,000 pocket springs that help to keep your body in its desired sleeping position. All three of these spring layers work together in a composite 5.000 spring unit. The mattress is held together by a support base of high-density foam and is finished off with a non-slip base to ensure the mattress doesn’t move around on your bed base. 

Brook + Wilde Suprema Mattress Review: Support & Comfort

  • Comes in three firmness options: Soft, Medium and Firm
  • We tested the Firm, which we rate an 8.5 out of 10
  • Our main tester felt an improvement in her back pain

The Brook + Wilde Suprema comes in three different firmness options: Soft (3/10), Medium (5/10) and Firm (7/10). We tested the Firm option and found it much firmer than advertised, feeling more like an 8.5/10. However, the options to customise the mattress set it apart from rivals such as the DreamCloud Luxury Hybrid, which only comes in one firmness option.

Our main tester needed a few days to get used to the firmer feel of the mattress. This isn’t surprising, as she is of a lighter build and sleeps on her back and side; the Firm option is primarily designed for stomach sleepers and heavier sleepers. 

Our lead reviewer places her hand on the Brook + Wilde Suprema Mattress to see how cool it feels after sleeping on it

(Image credit: Future)

However, she does suffer with back pain and Brook + Wilde specifically recommend the Firm option for this. After a few days' adjustment, the mattress suddenly ‘clicked’ and she woke up without any back pain at all. (Also, unlike the majority of lighter-weight sleepers, our main tester generally prefers a firmer mattress.)

Stomach sleepers should enjoy the Firm Suprema mattress as it will keep the spine aligned and hips raised in the correct position. This bed isn’t one you sink into, but rather sleep ‘on,’ and the brand’s wave technology is evident, with the mattress being decidedly firmer at the foot end to the head end.

The huge advantage of Brook + Wilde’s mattress range is that you can choose from three firmness options. Side sleepers should try the Soft option, which will give plenty of cushioning around the shoulders and hips, while the Medium option is an excellent all-rounder for back, side and combination sleepers. 

We haven’t tested the Soft option in any of Brook + Wilde’s mattress range, but our main tester has previously tested the Medium option in Brook + Wilde’s now discontinued Lux mattress. While a Medium firmness should offer a little more contouring and sinkage, this isn’t the mattress to choose if you want a memory foam ‘hug’.

To support our sleeping experiences, we tested the mattress's sinkage with a 20kg weight. The mattress sank by 10cm, which reinforces its firmness and support. 

Brook + Wilde Suprema Mattress Review: Performance

  • Excellent motion isolation
  • Good temperature regulation
  • Disappointing edge support

Our main tester and her husband slept on a UK double Suprema mattress for four weeks and invited other adults with different body types and sleeping styles to come and try it out. As well as recording our own experiences, we also ran tests to objectively gauge its motion isolation, edge support and temperature regulation. Read on for more details…

Motion isolation

Considering that we were testing the Firm Suprema mattress, we were pleasantly surprised by how well it absorbed motion. Motion isolation is important in a mattress as it ensures you and your partner can move about at night without disturbing each other. A good mattress will keep motion isolated to one side of the mattress and won’t allow it to spread across to wake up the other sleeper.

With a triple layer of coils, we expected more bounce from the Suprema, but the wave technology and layers of foam did an excellent job of isolating any motion, and we were never disturbed during the night by any movement. 

To get a more objective view, we used an empty wine glass on the bed and dropped a 4kg weight from a low height onto the bed to observe motion. At 60cm there was no movement in the glass at all and at 25cm there was a slight wobble. At 10cm the glad did fall over. 

Restless sleepers who are very sensitive to motion transfer may want to consider the Medium firmness option of this mattress, as the slightly softer top layers will cushion movement even more.

Score: 4.5/5

Temperature regulation

We tested the Brook + Wilde Suprema in February and March with a 10-tog duvet. We also had a fake fur throw on for colder nights, which was switched to a thin cotton cover as the weather warmed up. 

Our main tester is fairly reptilian, but her husband is prone to sleeping warm. He never found the mattress unpleasant, nor did he overheat. Thus, we’d recommend this mattress to those who do sleep a little hot. However, if you have severe night sweats you might want to look at a specific cooling mattress instead.

The mattress keeps sleepers cool with a breathable top cover and a thermo-regulating layer of open-cell aurora foam to help airflow. The three layers of coils also do an excellent job of keeping the mattress cool and preventing heat from being trapped. We think the relatively small amount of memory foam in the mattress helps, as memory foam is notorious for trapping heat.

Score: 4.5/5

Edge support

Brook + Wilde Suprema Mattress review image shows an edge support test in progress

(Image credit: Future)

Robust edges are important in a mattress as they allow sleepers to use the full width of the bed to spread out on, as well as make it easy for them to sit on the sides of the bed. Unfortunately, edge support is the only area where the Brook + Wilde Suprema fell down a little. 

When sitting on the edge of the bed, neither our main tester nor her husband felt particularly secure, and both had to scoot a little way back onto the bed to stop themselves from feeling like they'd slide off. At 5ft 9in and 5ft 11in, respectively, this wasn't a huge problem for either of them, but shorter customers might find this a bit of a hassle. The weak edge support wasn’t as noticeable when lying down on the bed, although we felt that it was more comfortable not to spread out to the edges. 

In our objective test with a 20kg weight on the edges of the bed, the mattress compressed by around 12cm, which is 2cm deeper than the sinkage we measured at the centre of the bed. This is another indicator that sitting too near the edge of this mattress may not feel secure.

Score: 3/5

Brook + Wilde Suprema Mattress Review: Delivery & Setup

  • Free Premium delivery with optional mattress removal
  • The mattress took around four hours to fully inflate 
  • Minimal off-gassing, which dissipated after 24 hours

Brook + Wilde offer free ‘Premium’ delivery, which you’ll sometimes hear referred to as White Glove Delivery. This means that the mattress will be delivered to a room of your choosing, unboxed, and placed on your bed frame. The couriers will also take away the packaging and your old mattress (if you indicate that at checkout). Your previous mattress will be recycled as part of the brand’s commitment to not sending anything to landfills.

The delivery team contacted us with a delivery date and a time slot the day before arrival. We were emailed and texted this information as we’d provided all these details. The whole process was pretty seamless and took very little time at all.

Brook + Wilde recommend leaving the mattress for a minimum of four hours before sleeping on it, and we found this fairly accurate. However, you should expect it to take up to 72 hours for full expansion. Off-gassing was minimal – there were some light odours for the first day, but these faded pretty quickly after around 24 hours.

One thing to note – if you decide not to get the delivery team to unpack the mattress, there’s no clear guidance on which is the top and which is the bottom. (You want the large Brook + Wilde logo at the bottom and the fire safety tag at the top.). This is because of the wave technology, which means the mattress can’t be rotated or flipped.

Also, Brook + Wilde mattresses are made to order. Expect around four weeks for delivery. 

Brook + Wilde Suprema Mattress Review: Customer reviews

  • Brook + Wilde have an overall rating of 4.2 (out of 5) on TrustPilot
  • The Suprema is a newer mattress with few reviews at this time

Brook + Wilde went into liquidation in mid-2023, but the brand was saved by the company that manufactures its beds, and the trading name has changed from Brook + Wilde Sleep to simply Brook + Wilde. Understandably, TrustPilot reviews under the old brand name are very mixed, with customers having issues with returns and exchanges during this period.

However, things are now running well, and the company produces the same high-quality beds as before. Since the Suprema is its newest mattress, there aren’t yet many reviews for it as of April 2024. Those who have reviewed it are full of praise for the comfort levels and cushioning it offers. We’ll update this section as and when more reviews become available. 

Should I buy the Brook + Wilde Suprema Mattress?

There are many reasons for us to recommend the Suprema. Its choice of firmness options sets it above many of its rivals, and its ability to help ease back pain made it a winner with our tester. The mattress also does an excellent job of isolating motion and keeping sleepers cool at night – if you want a mattress you can sit on comfortably, this isn’t the best choice out there. 

Fans of the memory foam ‘hug’ will probably feel they don’t sink far enough into the mattress, even with the Soft option. It’s also not the brand to choose if you need a mattress in a hurry with its four-week lead time. The other big issue is that Brook + Wilde offer a cheaper mattress in the form of the Elite, which has many of the same features as the Suprema. 

However, the Suprema definitely offers more support because of its multiple coil layers, and we would say that it did a slightly better job of easing back pain than the Elite (which was still excellent in this regard). But if you want extra support and a slightly more luxurious feel, you'll likely be happy with the Suprema.

Brook + Wilde Suprema Mattress Review: Alternatives to consider

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