ZTE Files Patents for Foldable, Double-Sided Phones

Senior Editor, Tom's Guide

While its VP of marketing said that ZTE would develop a phone that's "truly bendable," the company's plans may have become more definite. Two patent applications show designs not just for a foldable phone, but one with a screen that wraps around three sides of the device.

Credit: MobielkopenCredit: Mobielkopen

The patent applications, as reported by Mobielkopen, show a foldable phone not unlike that of Samsung's design, with a flexible section in the middle that allows both halves of the phone to fold in on itself. On the back of the phone are what appears to be two cutouts for cameras, and a third circle in the middle of the back, presumably for a fingerprint reader. There are buttons and a microSIM card slot along one side, and a USB-C port on the bottom.

Credit: MobielkopenCredit: Mobielkopen

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A second patent reveals a smartphone with a display that wraps around three sides of the device; the front of the phone has a bezel-less display with no notches, while the back of the phone has a small cutout in one corner for two cameras. Another patent drawing shows a double-sided phone, only with a cutout in the front for cameras and sensors.

It remains to be seen if either of these plans come to fruition, but it shows that ZTE is more likely to join the field of all the companies planning to build a foldable phone.