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Google Opens Doors to YouTube Technology

Google today announced that it will give web developers deep access to the underlying technology behind YouTube with a new YouTube API (application programming interface). Having gained substantial recognition and growth in the U.S. and worldwide, YouTube stands as the world’s most popular video sharing site. Up until today however, users who wanted to create videos had to upload a certain type of clip to YouTube and then using an embedded link on their own website to show the video.

Web developers will now be allowed to use many of YouTube’s technologies to build their own video uploading and sharing mechanism. Officials from YouTube said that anyone can now build a customized video sharing interface on any website, and upload directly to YouTube servers, without ever having to officially load the site. Going beyond interfaces, web developers will also be able to customize the Flash video player and control how videos are viewed.

The new API will also allow developers to create new mechanisms for sharing videos in the future. For example, an iPhone users would be able to capture video, and upload that video to a specific YouTube-enabled website. This is all definitely possible in the near future, thanks to the iPhone software development kit (SDK). iPhone users already have playback and search access to YouTube, so having creation and upload features is an inevitable.

YouTube said today that it will host all videos, provide the streaming mechanism, and make the new API available globally to all users.

  • what kind of profit model is google going for?? Or are they just about to lay off Youtube staff??
  • well my guess is that it will have on screen ads like they are doing now with their google adsense, there is an option to have a youtube player on your site to make money from and in the player their is ads that overlay what your watching, my guess this will be used to show ads the same way or maybe right before and after a video is played, think of how much money they would make by being able to do this.
  • Well it will probably be used in a manner where they will have their ads shown before and/or after the video is played or maybe an ad overlay, think about how much they could make by doing this.
  • spiralsun1
    Google is taking over the world. Why is this bad? Because a particular nation / people (political group) is doing it and flexing their political muscle with it. We should be worried. The group doing it has shown little restraint, and no principles, in world dealings in the past (see Dr. Kevin MacDonald's book "The Culture of Critique: An Evolutionary Analysis of Jewish Involvement in Twentieth-Century Intellectual and Political Movements" (Paperback) A must read, since Jews started Google.
  • Wondering if you had advice re: YouTube letterhead(via e-mail)cut off at the top, appearing inauthentic. They investigated copywrite infringement on my old YouTube account(Thank you YouTube!): ColectvIndvidulism1. I closed the account and opened a new one on April 5, 2008(Saturday)but when I visited my NEW YouTube account:ColectvIndvidulism9, it listed my start up date(date I established my new account,as March 16, 2008-which is not correct, and the top of the letters(You Tube,etc.) below the letterhead are cut off at the top. Please let me know how I can resolve this issue with the account oddities, and have it reflect the date I signed up accurately. Thank you for you attention to this matter~Sincerely~ Mrs. Veronica Haskin