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Xiaomi Redmi Note 4 Offers Beastly Specs for $135

You no longer have to pay a premium price to get a premium Android phone, and Xiaomi's new Redmi Note 4 might be the best example of that yet. The Chinese company's latest plus-sized phone boasts a 10-core processor and a massive 4,100-mAh battery, all for the U.S. equivalent of $135.

Like its predecessors, the Note 4 looks like something that costs hundreds of dollars more. The phone features a slick all-metal body that comes in gold, gray and silver, complete with a rear-facing fingerprint reader and a set of subtle stripes that bring the iPhone to mind. The Note 4's 5.5-inch full HD display is made of "2.5D curved glass," which wraps nicely around the smartphone's slim edges.

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The Note 4 certainly looks great, but what's inside of it is potentially even more exciting. The phone runs on a whopping 10-core MediaTek Helio X20 processor with up to 3GB of RAM, and you can expand its external storage up to 128GB via a microSD card. Xiaomi's new phone packs a 13-MP rear camera with a 5-MP selfie cam, and its hearty 4,100-mAh battery should last all day.

The Note 4 starts with 16GB of RAM and 2GB of storage for CNY 899 (roughly $135), with a 3GB/64 GB option for CNY 1199 (about $180).

Xiaomi is known for offering high-end phones for extremely low prices, but they're typically pretty hard to get your hands on outside of China. However, Xiaomi vice president Hugo Barra recently divulged plans to officially enter the U.S. market "in the near future," which could make a big splash with customers looking to get a flagship phone on a not-so-flagship budget. It might just be a matter of time before the likes of Samsung, LG and HTC get put on notice.