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Xiaomi Mi Mix 3 Video Shows Satisfying Slide-and-Click Action

Xiaomi is revving up to introduce its next flagship phone, the Xiaomi Mi Mix 3, and there's at least one way it stands out.

Credit: Xiaomi

(Image credit: Xiaomi)

Xiaomi has released a neat 15-second video teaser that focuses on what the company believes is the best thing ever: the sliding display action. Check it out, because this thing actually looks cool in action.

Taking a page from Apple’s playbook — who made a perceived weakness like the notch a symbol of its identity and design — Xiaomi seems to be making the slide a technology pride motif. The glorious all-screen front slides down mechanically with an easy thumb push, making a satisfying click in the process.

It reminds me of the old Nokias with sliding screens and covers. It's easy to remember every Nokia user in the 2000s — myself included — sliding phones equipped with similar mechanisms just for the pleasure of hearing the click and feeling of the action under the thumb. It was like a fidgety spinner thingamajig.

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The rest of the phone is rumored to be a beast. Aside from its sliding AMOLED panel with built-in fingerprint recognition under its display and its Snapdragon 845 processor, the Mi Mix 3 will likely be the first 5G-enabled phone in the world.

The Mi Mix 3 will also carry up to 10GB of RAM, another world’s first. The phone will also reportedly have 3D facial recognition which, as you can guess, you activate by sliding down the display. That could grow tiresome if you need to slide the phone every time you want to unlock it.

Hopefully, Xiaomi will maintain itself loyal to its price policies, rather than going all Apple on us like Huawei (with its Mate 20 Pro) and offer yet another $1,000 flagship. We will see on October 25, the day of its launch in China and, hopefully, the rest of the world.