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Xbox One Minecraft Hits Shelves in November

Since Microsoft now owns Mojang, the developer behind Minecraft, getting the game in front of as many Microsoft fans as possible is a pretty logical next step. Minecraft: Xbox One Edition has been out since Sept. 5, but for those who say "hard copy or bust," a retail version will be available come November 18.

This information comes via Xbox Wire, the official Xbox blog. There's nothing terribly surprising in the post: The title will cost $20, the same as its digital analogue, and users who prefer the digital version can either buy it directly through an Xbox One or purchase a retail code for it. Both the digital code and the hard copy will be available through most major retailers.

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Although there's no way around plunking down two Hamiltons for the Minecraft: Xbox One Edition disc, longtime fans have a much cheaper digital option. If you purchased Minecraft on the Xbox 360 and have the game linked to your Xbox Live account, you can upgrade to the Xbox One version for $5 to transfer over all of your creations, and most of your downloadable content, to Microsoft's newer console.

Beyond that, Minecraft: Xbox One Edition is basically the same as Minecraft for any other console, only with more memory at its disposal. Worlds in the Xbox One edition are up to 36 times larger than those on the Xbox 360, and players can cooperate with four-player split-screen multiplayer or up to eight players online.

Microsoft makes no bones about the fact that the disc-based Minecraft: Xbox One Edition is primarily for holiday shoppers, so this news may not blow the dedicated Minecraft world wide open. Still, if you want to get a young relative (or an older one) involved in the world of digital bricklaying, there are worse ways to do it.

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