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Woz: ''Carry a Second Verizon Phone for Backup''

Steve Wozniak, the other Steve who helped found Apple, said in an interview what he thought of the iPhone 4 and its reception woes.

Like everyone else, Woz has some issues with the iPhone 4, as he explains in an interview with Dutch journalist Henk Van Ess.

The first time I tried I was able to duplicate the problem. My wife was driving me to the airport and as soon as I got a short distance from my home, and no longer on wifi, I tried it by accessing a web page (using Safari on my iPhone 4) and observing the progress bar.

The Woz has some pretty deep pockets, so this is his solution:

If you can afford it, carry a second Verizon phone for backup. Another option is to carry a Verizon mifi and rely on Skype on your iPhone. I have used this mifi technique to rescue my own, and others’, iPhones on occasion. If you buy a Verizon Palm Pre, you get free mifi on it so that is possible the best ‘compromise’ solution, to carry a Verizon Palm Pre along with your AT&T iPhone 4.

(via TechCrunch.)

    OR you can just buy a DROID X.
  • icepick314

    I believe word "redundant" comes to mind...

    or is it "retarded"?
  • Arethel
    This makes me think about something I posted 10 minutes ago regarding computers that can make phone calls, and phones that can be used for general computing, and the idea of unifying everything into one device.

    In all silliness, I think I prefer being told that I'm "holding my device wrong" than needing to "carry a second Verizon phone for backup." It's not even the notion of " you can afford it," that bothers me as much as the principle of having to carry not one, but now two phones. What a step backwards...
  • Pyroflea
    icepick314eh....I believe word "redundant" comes to mind...or is it "retarded"?
    I think it's retarded :)
  • Orac
    "...carry a second Verizon phone for backup..."
    Nice to see Woz doesn't hold back.
  • joe gamer
    Droid X has a signed bootloader :-( better off with the original droid.
  • matt87_50
    then you just cross out "iPhone 4" and write "iPod touch 4" in crayon! you would be the first cool kid on the block to have one!
  • So... to use the iPhone 4, I need to get a different phone?
  • falchard
    I believe the word you are looking for is retarded. Obviously, the thing people missed about the iPhone 4 is that you need another cell phone that works.
  • hons
    Hey Steve Wozniak, the "trouble area" you touched is actually a "Pause" button which designed by Mr. Jobs!!!!