The Perfect Holiday Gifts from the Tom's Guide Community

The Tom’s Guide Community is here to provide you help with one of the most pressing tasks of the season—making sure you’ve got the right set of gifts for all the people in your life.

We each have someone in our world who fits a given archetype, or persona, so we’ve gone ahead and created more than two dozen gift guides for each of these individual types of folks. Each guide contains a series of potential items and must-haves that they, in all probability, would enjoy as a gift. Additionally, we’re providing ample space for crowd-sourced recommendations from our powerful community collective hive-mind.

With our curated recommendations and the assembled wisdom of resident experts from our community, we’re hoping these gift guides will provide you with an arsenal of potential purchases to maximize your holiday shopping efforts, all while expending a minimal amount of time and effort to deeply satisfy the people in your life.

Any submission you make grants entry into our giveaways for Gift Cards!

  • Gift Guide for the Laptop Enthusiast
    Finding the perfect laptop for the laptop enthusiast in your life is sure to be a challenge. Do you go Mac or Windows? A hybrid? A desktop replacement? Fear not, these laptops are sure to be a major upgrade for any laptop enthusiast worth their silicon.

  • Gift Guide for the Apple Genius
    Have an Apple fan in your life? If you're shopping for someone who has an iDevice, you've come to the right place. With such a diverse universe of accessories, finding the right one to complement a collection of Apple products can be quite a challenge. The gifts below would fit well in any Apple Genius collection.

  • Gift Guide for the Organizer
    Don't freak, get neat, with this organizer gift guide. An organizer is more concerned with decluttering his or her life than having the latest gadget or gizmo. These unique gifts are sure to please the most particular organizer in our lives.

  • Gift Guide for the Movie Lover
    Have a film fanatic in your life? This gift guide is full of unique gifts that any film snob will drool over. When movie lovers aren't at the cinema, they're at home, so why not trick out their home theater setup with the best of the best in movie-watching gadgetry?

  • Gift Guide for the Bookworm
    Finding the right gift for the bookworm can be just as hard as putting down a cliff-hanger novel. Our bookworm gift guide has got you covered from start to finish. We include must-have essentials that even the most discerning of readers is sure to enjoy.

  • The Extremely Tough to Buy For
    What do you get for the person that has it all? How about for someone who doesn’t want anything at all? We in the Community assembled the following gift for that very nightmare scenario: buying for the extremely tough to buy for. The following gifts are sure to please anyone no matter their interest.

  • Gift Guide for the Aspiring Chef
    If you're shopping for an aspiring chef, make sure they are equipped with the absolute best tools of the trade for creating their culinary masterpiece. These unique gifts are sure to delight any aspiring chef this holiday season.

  • Gift Guide for the Mobile Gamer
    Getting the perfect gift for the mobile gamer in your life is not easy. Big gifts are out of the question. So how do you complement someone who is always on the go? Our gift guide is full of must-have items for mobile gamers and a few unique ideas you can't go wrong with.

  • Gift Guide for the Toddler
    Finding the right gift for your little one is far easier said than done. Will this be a toy they love and cherish, or one that is quickly discarded, cluttering the room for years to come? The items in our Toddler Gift Guide are sure to please even the most difficult child.

  • Gift Guide for the Tech Mom
    These high-tech gadgets are sure to please any well-connected Tech Mom. The gadget-obsessed mother wants something that will brighten up her day and the home. While many would spring for a Wi-Fi-enabled vacuum, you won't find any of those typical gadgets on our holiday gift list. Be the favorite this holiday season with our community's suggestions for Tech Mom gifts.

  • Gift Guide for the Gadget Dad
    These high-tech gadgets are sure to please any hyper-connected gadget dad. The gadget-obsessed dad wants something that will brighten up his day and the home. While many would spring for a Wi-Fi-enabled golf club, you won't find any of those typical gadgets on our holiday gift list. Be the favorite this holiday season with our Community suggestions for gadget-dad gifts

  • Gift Guide for the Smart Home Whiz
    Finding the right gift for the brave smart-home pioneer isn’t a simple task. These tech-loving loved ones are always on the cutting edge, relying on products that simplify and sync with the rest of their life. These unique gift ideas will fit in with any home-automation setup.

  • Gift Guide for the Photographer
    The art of giving isn't always a snap, and that is certainly true when finding the perfect gift for the photographer in your life. Photographers have an eye for the best, so you can't stuff any old gift into their stocking. The gifts below are sure to make any photographer's eyes light up.

  • Gift Guide for the Fitness Fanatic
    Whether you're shopping for someone just getting started or a seasoned gym rat, our fitness fanatic guide is full of unique gifts that will delight your health-conscious friends and family. Fitness fanatics like products that produce immediate results and a better workout. You can't go wrong with some of these best picks for fitness fanatics.

  • Gift Guide for the History Buff
    Finding the best gift to give the history buff in your life is tougher than trying to settle arguments over what started the American Civil War. History buffs love gifts that remind them of epic battles and past eras lost to time. These unique gifts will make any history buff happy for years to come.

  • Gift Guide for the Audiophile
    Connoisseurs of the finest of sounds have a discerning and expensive taste. Don't be caught out of tune. Our gift guide is full of unique gifts that go up to 11. Audiophiles want the best of the best and these gifts are sure to please.

  • Gift Guide for the Pet Owner
    Is this the golden age of pets? From the geeky to the squeaky, there are gift ideas that any pet owner could get behind. From automatic feeders to automatic ball launchers, the Tom's Community has got you covered. These five gifts are sure to please any pet owner, whether their pet barks or sleeps on a windowsill all day.

  • Gift Guide for the Executive
    Buying the right gift for the person who's always in charge is just as challenging as executing an expertly crafted business plan. With so many options, though, it's hard to decide which gift plan to execute. The Community team put together this expert gift guide for those of us searching for that perfect executive gift.

  • Gift Guide for the Adventure Seeker
    This gift guide dares to go where no gift guide has gone before. These gifts are sure to please the most far-out Adventure Seeker — that very special person in your life who is always on the go, looking for the next big thrill.

  • Gift Guide for the Fashionista
    One size doesn't fit all if you're looking for that chic special something for the fashionista in your life. The fashionista is someone who is always up with the latest trends, so you'll want to make sure your gift is absolutely cutting-edge. These gifts are sure to please those with the most impeccable of tastes.

  • Gift Guide for the Digital Artist
    Searching for a unique and special gift for the digital artist in your life? We've put together a set of five must-have gifts that any creative person would enjoy. Whether the individual is an illustrator, graphic designer or musician, there is something for everyone in our digital artist holiday gift guide.

We've shown you our gift ideas, now show us yours!

Post your best recommendations for a gift for any chosen archetype in the appropriate forum thread, with each recommended item as a separate response. Every response counts as a single entry to win a $25 Amazon gift card for your chosen archetype. Please be sure to include the name of the gift item with link, why the archetype would like it, an image (if available), and how much it costs.

Before posting, please review the thread for potential duplicates (which won’t count!) and to check proper formatting. The Community Gift Guide 2017 Entries must be posted by November 13th, 2017 to qualify for entry. Good luck, and we’re looking forward to seeing all the awesome recommendations!

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