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The Headphones for Steampunk Enthusiasts

What is it about the the Industrial Revolution that makes some nerds go crazy? Is it the hopeful optimism of emerging technology combined with the prim-and-proper sensibility of Victorian London? To be honest, we don't have an answer. All we know is, guys like the Thin Gypsy Thief continue to make a killing in the 1800's scifi market.

One of his latest creations is a pair of steampunk over-ear headphones. Just like any faux Victorian relic, it's crated in lush hardwood, with just the right amount of brass trim. It comes in its own custom box. If you're thinking of snagging it for yourself, well too late; someone already got to it.

Don't worry though, the Vancouver native is always hard at work making new steampunk creations.

[source: Lavish Avenue]