T-Mobile and Verizon Offering Deals on iPhone 7, Galaxy S8

Not only do T-Mobile and Verizon battle over networks and customers; they're also offering dueling deals, which could save you some bucks if you're in the market for a new smartphone.

Credit: Sam Rutherford/Tom's Guide

(Image credit: Sam Rutherford/Tom's Guide)

T-Mobile's offer focuses on the iPhone, with the chance to save money on a larger capacity model or get an iPhone SE for free when you buy another iPhone. Verizon, meanwhile, is offering reduced payments on a number of popular devices. Here's how the dueling deals break down.


You can now get a 256GB iPhone 7 for the same price that you'd pay for a 128GB phone. That's a $100 savings for double the storage. You will have to pay $125.99 upfront if you're buying the phone on an installment plan, with monthly payments of $26 over the next two years. You can buy the phone outright for $749.99 instead of the usual $849.99 the 256GB iPhone 7 commands.

256GB iPhone 7

Speaking of monthly payments, if you buy an iPhone on one of T-Mobile's installment plans, you're eligible to get an iPhone SE for free. The freebie will be offered as a $400 rebate on your purchase to cover the cost of the iPhone SE.

T-Mobile is also currently offering a special on lines, allowing those who activate two lines on the network to get two more lines for the price of one. That means a family of four would pay $140 a month, or $35 a line. Normally, four lines of unlimited data cost $160 at T-Mobile.

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Verizon is offering lower monthly payments on high-end phones. In addition to the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus, Verizon's deal extends to the Google Pixel and Pixel XL, Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8+, LG G6 or Moto Z Droid and Z Droid Force. Verizon will reduce monthly payments to as low as $15 a month on those devices if you get a new line with an $80-a-month unlimited plan and trade-in an eligible phone.

The good news is a lot of phones are eligible for trade-in. Verizon will accept any iPhone 6 or later, any Galaxy S5 or later, the Note 4 or 5, any LG G4 or later, the LG V10 or V20, either Google Pixel, the HTC 10 or M9, and three different Motorola Z Droid models.

Verizon Phone Deals

You'll also get a $100 Amazon gift card from Verizon as part of this deal if you're switching from another carrier.

Buy a Pixel or Pixel XL through Verizon, and you can also pick up a Google Home speaker for free, though you'll need to mail in a rebate to get your money back.

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If you're looking for accessories, Verizon is offering a 20 percent discount during the month of June on all Mophie Juice Pack cases, as well as the company's USB-C-based Powerstation.

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