Squeezing More Life Out of Your Notebook's Battery Part I

Battery Life As A Turnover Multiplier For Vendors

The results of a recent poll conducted by Mobile PC EBLWG demonstrate that major players in this sector had better take the battery life problem seriously. This study involved 1,200 notebook users in the USA, Japan, German and China. It demonstrated that notebook users were ready to spend up to 20% more for a notebook, if that would result in longer battery life from a single charge. Interestingly, the same study also indicated that notebooks run exclusively from batteries only about one quarter of the time they're in use. Remaining work-related activity be it for standard users or power users is tethered to a wall socket as the notebook replenishes its battery charge.

Users also expressed fears of suddenly finding themselves with an empty battery totally devoid of charge. The study also found that a typical user is parked behind a TFT display from 20 to 40 hours per week versus more than 40 hours per week for a power user.

An Eight-hour Battery Life Is What The People Want

Another interesting result emerged from a study that Intel conducted in 2003 when end users and IT professionals were asked about the importance of long battery life for notebooks. They were also queried about how long battery life should be and whether or not it was technically possible.

The majority of users would be satisfied with notebook battery life of up to eight hours.

A large portion of the consumer population would also be satisfied with a battery life of five to six hours, but getting eight hours out of a charge would make them just that much happier. The results from this question when posed to professional IT users also shows a similar trend. In both cases, extending battery life beyond eight hours only makes a minor difference to the reported results.