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Squeezing More Life Out of Your Notebook's Battery Part I

Frequently-asked Question 2: How Charged Is My Battery?

Those uninterested in finding out specific information about their battery charge can look to operating system utilities instead. This information is available in a Control Panel program named Power Options. Among its tabs you'll find one labeled Power Meter that shows how much charge is left in your battery, along with an estimate of runtime remaining (on many notebooks, a small battery icon also appears in the system tray when the unit is running on battery power; right-clicking this icon also produces the selfsame Power Meter display).

The Power Options program in Windows reports actual charge levels remaining, where each battery gets its own such display...

...and information is also provided for the sum of all batteries in the notebook.

Click on any battery shown to see a detailed information window, which identifies battery type, maker, part name and current state