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Squeezing More Life Out of Your Notebook's Battery Part I

Frequently-asked Question 2: How Charged Is My Battery? Continued

Professional battery management and measurement tools permit actual battery capacity to be reported as well.

Professional battery tools can tell you even more about your batteries, including real-time measurements of capacity and voltage.

Those who own multiple batteries and travel a lot, quickly learn to appreciate built-in charge meters when it comes to keeping up with one battery or another, like those from Dell and HP. A user can check charge status with the push of a single button.

A charge indicator is right on the battery pack.

Indeed, who wants to leave on a trip with a half-empty battery - or worse yet, a totally empty one?

In Part 2, we detail 20 practical user scenarios and show how power usage characteristics can have a marked influence on battery lifetime. We also communicate what to do and what not to do to help you maximize battery life time in your notebook.