Sony SmartBand Creates a Virtual Timeline of Your Day

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Sony SmartBand

Fitness bands typically track your steps, how many calories you’ve burned, and your heart rate, but Sony’s SmartBand seeks to monitor much more than that. Set to debut this spring, the Sony SmartBand works in conjunction with its LifeLog app to create a visual representation of your day.

For example, if you snapped a photo on your way to work yesterday, the LifeLog app can show it on your timeline. The app’s home screen features a timeline that’s broken into hours, and icons will appear in different sections to show what you’ve done that day. Sony says you can also watch the events from your day play back on a virtual timeline within the app. The LifeLog interface that we saw was a prototype of what the final version will look like, but it was enough to give a sense of its basic functionality. Like most fitness wearables, the SmartBand logs your physical activity and sleeping habits as well.

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The water-resistant wristband is powered by a component known as the Core, which houses its accelerometer and pedometer. This Core is removable so you can place it other bands in different colors and sizes. Sony says that the retail package will include one Core and two SmartBands in different colors, but there’s no release date just yet. The SmartBand and Core set will cost 99 euros when it launches, which translates to about $135.

The SmartBand is also capable of buzzing your wrist when you’re receiving an incoming call or when you’re too far away from your phone.

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Sony is offering bands in various colors and designs as well. After the event we saw bands in colors such as white, black, blue red and patterns, although the company says these more decorated models could be more expensive.The band is comprised of a rubbery flexible material that feels durable and comfortable.

The Sony SmartBand is one of several newer wearable devices that are combining the social features of a smartwatch with the form factor of a wristband. The LG LifeBand Touch, which was also unveiled at CES, comes with a touch screen OLED display and can also deliver call notifications.