How to Show Battery Percentage on Your Android Phone

It's critically important to know how much juice your phone or tablet has left, but unfortunately most Android devices -- including the new Samsung Galaxy S4 -- make it difficult to see your exact battery percentage. If you know that you have 30 percent battery left and you won't be near an outlet for a while, you may want to turn down the brightness and disable background data to keep your phone alive until you get home. A few phones like the Motorola Droid RAZRs do the right thing and put a detailed battery indicator right on the home screen by default, but unless your device already puts this information front and center, follow these methods to see just how much charge you have left.

Put a Battery Percentage Icon in the Notification Bar

Battery Widget by Elvison places a permanent icon in the notification bar on top of your screen with the current percentage written on it. The battery icon changes color depending on how much life you have left going from green to orange to red as the charge level drops. To set up:

  1. Download and install Battery Widget from the Google Play store.
  2. Open the Battery Widget app. The battery percentage icon appears in your notification bar. You will also be able to get additional details such as the battery temperature by pulling down the notification drawer.
  3. Tap Settings. A list of options appears.
  4. Select indicator style and choose a size if you want to make the text of the icon bigger. However, if you choose large or extra large, the icon will just be a number not a picture of a battery.
  5. Select Alerts then Add alert and configure the options if you want to receive a notification such as a sound or LED blink when the phone reaches a certain battery level.
  6. Navigate to the widgets menu and long press the Battery Widget if you want to place a battery widget on the home screen. On most Android phones, the widgets menu it is a tab in the apps menu.

View Battery Percentage in the Settings Menu

Thought it's not the most convenient way to view your battery status, you can quickly check your remaining percentage and see a report of how much juice you have by tapping Battery under the settings menu.

If you see a particular piece of software such as your email client is eating a lot of juice, you can shut it off to save power.

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