Samsung Galaxy S8 User Guide: Tips, Tricks and How-Tos

How to Turn On the Galaxy S8’s Blue Light Filter

Your mobile phone may be keeping you up at night. Smartphone screens give off blue light, which can disrupt sleep patterns by making your body think it’s daytime.

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The Galaxy S8 has a built-in feature for filtering out that light; you can even set things up so that the phone’s color tones shift as bedtime approaches. Here’s how to use the S8’s Blue Light filter feature.—Don Reisinger

1. Select Settings.

2. Choose Display.

3. Toggle on the Blue Light Filter option. You’ll immediately see the screen change from its regular brightness to a yellow-ish color that will be much easier on your eyes.

4. Tap on Blue Light Filter to go to the feature’s settings where you can customize things.

5. Choose the opacity and decide whether you want to keep the blue light filter on. If you’d rather schedule when the filter kicks in, select Turn On As Scheduled which lets you apply the filter after sunset or on a customized schedule.

6. When you’re all set, just hit the back button, and the filter will adhere to whatever schedule you’ve set.