Samsung Galaxy S8 User Guide: Tips, Tricks and How-Tos

How to Get the Most Out of the Galaxy S8’s Display

The Galaxy S8 boasts a lot of noteworthy features (and some you may have overlooked), but nothing about the new phone is more eye-cathing than its Infinity Display. The AMOLED panel stretches from one end of the phone to the other, giving you either a 5.8-inch display on the S8 or a massive 6.2-inch screen on the S8+.

Credit: Jeremy Lips/Tom's GuideCredit: Jeremy Lips/Tom's GuideBut as impressive as the display looks right out of the box, there are settings you can tweak that make the Galaxy S8’s screen even more immersive. Here’s a rundown of adjustments you can make to the S8 display, from adjusting its resolution to customizing the Always On display.—Don Reisinger

How to Set the Galaxy S8 Screen to Full Resolution

Your Galaxy S8 has a resolution of 2960 x 1440, but it’s not set to that out of the box. Here’s how to make sure you’re getting every last pixel out of that display.

1. Select Settings.

2. Tap on Display.

3. Select Screen Resolution.

4. On the ensuing screen, slide the bar to the right until you’ve selected WQHD+ (2960 x 1440). You can also change the resolution to FHD+ or HD+ if you want. (The latter option is a way to boost your phone’s performance.)

5. Tap Apply to change the resolution.

Adjust Apps to Use the S8’s Extra-Wide Display

The Galaxy S8 features a different aspect ratio — 18.5:9 — than most smartphones. Not every app has been updated to account for the size of the S8’s screen, but you can adjust apps to fill up the Infinity Display.

1. Go to Settings.

2. Choose Display.

3. Tap on Full Screen Apps. You’ll see a list of both bundled apps and third-party apps you downloaded through Google Play.

4. Scroll through the list and toggle on any apps you want to use the full-screen width. Most of the apps are set to stretch across the screen by default; others are greyed-out.

Once you set an apps to be full screen, it’ll be cropped due to the Galaxy S8’s 18.5:9 aspect ratio.

Set Up the Edge Screen On the Galaxy S8

Whether you get the Galaxy S8 or S8+, your phone features an Edge screen that can house frequently used apps, contacts, utilities and other information. Swipe from the side of the screen — you can select whether your Edge screen appears on the left or right of the devive — and you’ve got a lot of handy shortcuts and info right at your finger tips. But first, you need to configure the Edge screen to your liking.

1. From within Settings, choose Display.

2. Tap on Edge Screen.

3. Toggle the Edge Panels switch on and decide whether you want Edge Lighting for notifications. Turning on Edge Panels will allow you to access apps and other information on the right side panel. If you turn on Edge Lighting, your handset’s edges will light up to alert you to notifications. It’s a handy feature for meetings when you place the handset face-down.

4. Go back to your home screen and swipe from the right of your screen at the small strip to open your first Edge Panel.Tap on the Gear icon at the bottom of the screen.

5. In the Edge Panels pane, choose which edges are shown. Apps, people, and other information will automatically be turned on, but you can also access other options as you scroll through those items.

6. Go back to your Edge Panel, and for each menu item you chose, add new items by tapping the plus (+) icons. You’ll be limited in the number of items you can add, depending on the pane you’re working in.

7. You can choose from a list of options in that pane including app suggestions.

How to Set Up the Galaxy S8’s Always On Display

Samsung introduced the Always On Display in the Galaxy S7, and it sticks around for the S8 and S8+. Here’s how to turn on the display and to customize it to your liking.

1. From within Settings, choose Lock Screen and Security.

2. Tap on the Always On Display option.

3. To turn on the feature, tap the toggle at the bottom of the screen.

4. Now it’s time to customize your Always On display. Choose from the six options to decide what you want to be displayed on your screen. Options include a standard digital option, an analog design, an image, the world clock, and more.

5. Customize the look and feel by choosing “Clock style,” “Color,” or “Background” from your list of options. Tap on the menu item you wish to change.

6. Tap Apply to finalize those changes.

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  • Petina82
    Hi Tom, thanks for the useful info(: so my question is:
    Can I record music on Snapchat with my earphones on?
    I could do it with my s7 but having trouble with the s8. I so hope this is possible.
  • Abel_9
    Face recognition is trash on the s8 never worked with or without glasses. Would set the face recognition and then turn my phone off wluldnt move at all and NOPE! ...and the fingerprint sensor is confusing with the camera on the back. LOL oh well atleast its the newest samsung out, so i got that going for me lol
  • My_Name_is_OK
    what about hidden features? to turn on or off
  • Trigga13
    Umm should the apps that I have put into the secure folder still be accessible when I bring up the apps screen??
  • Alex_480
    When I transfered my app to secure folder I could not launch it. Why?
  • rastergrafx
    This article doesn't work for me. Privacy and Emergency doesn't appear in my settings.
  • sciancaleporejoe
    I was searching google for that same question ,Trigga13 ,when I found this article (which DOESN'T EVEN answer the question) lol anyway, it makes no sense to lock something in a secure fodder if it can still be accessed from the app drawer
  • rakeshcbhardwaj
    Seriously thanks Tom for your tips ? Turn off NFC. Turn on flight mode, reduce GPS accuracy, lower your screen resolution? Why not just turn the damn thing off. Battery will last a long time then. These kinds of articles are pointless. You've spent a shed load of money on your phone. It has wireless charging that allows you to conveniently charge it. It has fast charging. Here's an idea. Enjoy your phone and charge it in a few minutes when it's running down. Finger print sensor works fine for me. As does Iris/face recognition.
  • maricela.disch
    Hi, I am a new Galaxy S8 owner. I am having trouble connecting my phone to my cat via Bluetooth. I found another chat page and it seems many users are having the same issue? Can you provide an advise to solve this problem? Thanks, Amy new user
  • diannabry
    I hate this phone. I hate Bixby and now my text is messed up.
  • tambahsirahmumet
    It has been a while since I have updated my mobile phone and was awk'd with all the new features (display, security, applications, communication, etc) on the Galaxy S8+.
    In the past, it was always a chore to switch to a new phone due to all the re-configuration and re-installation steps. There are now tools that come on the phone that helps you get all your old applications reinstalled and configured. Makes getting a new phone a 'good' experience. Happy with my new Samsung...
  • shanes1972
    Hi Tom, l have had my galaxy 8 for 7mths and at present have a problen. When l click on a message the lacation button comes up and l don't know how to get rid of it. Can you please help?
    Accuracy of the S8 fingerprint sensor is very poor; to vastly improve recognition, add and scan the SAME finger 4 times ;)
  • krisstie228
    I have the s8+ and when I try to turn on the bixby voice commands in the setting on bixby home screen it keeps telling me to do a software update... when I click setting and view all updates it says there are none... I have already done the voice recognition but I can't get it to work and respond back.... can someone please help me
  • k3n273
    Sure let me just disable and downscale all the features of my expensive flagship phone sandbagging it when I could have just bought a cheaper phone in the first place.
  • ulthien
    Why does anyone need a new "samsung" account with your personal details stored (used, sold, stolen..) by ANOTHER company - for simple file system function usage.

    40 years in computers, still counting the human stupidity BUGS.