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How To Send an SOS Message on the Galaxy S8

You never know when you’ll end up in a situation where you have to call for help. Luckily your Galaxy S8 can send an SOS Message with your location to predefined emergency contacts. Simply press the Power button a rapid 3 times and a silent SOS Message will be sent. You can even configure your alerts to include a photo or audio recording for context if you’re in a circumstance where speaking out loud is too risky.

Here's a guide for setting up SOS messaging on your Galaxy S8, S8+ and S8 Active.—Cortney Moore

1. Access your Settings. You can either swipe up from your home screen to open the apps menu or swipe down to reach the notifications drawer and tap the Settings icon. If you’re not the most graceful swiper, you can always use your S8’s search bar.

2. Select Advanced features and scroll down to the Send SOS messages option.

3. Activate your SOS Messages by switching the toggle from Off to On. You’ll need to agree to the terms and conditions before adding contacts. When the toggle turns blue, you’re free to edit your alert settings.

4. A prompt will appear saying you need at least one contact added to use SOS messaging. You can skip over this step by hitting Cancel if you don’t have your contact’s info ready at the time. If you’re ready to input your contact’s name and number just select Add.

5.Enter more contacts by selecting Send Messages To. You can add up to four emergency contacts total. Hitting Add lets you Create contacts not already in your list, while Select From Contacts lets you save time by selecting an already existing contact from your S8’s contact list. Press Save at the top right corner when you’re done.

If you ever need to delete or modify a contact, you’ll be able to do so through the Send message to field as well. Simply tap the contact to edit its contents or press delete to get rid of your selection completely.

6. Tap the back arrow at the top left of the screen to go back to the main SOS Message menu.

Adjust your SOS options with the Attach Pictures and Attach Audio Recording toggles. Enabling these setting will allow you to share photos and a 5-second audio recording.

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  • Petina82
    Hi Tom, thanks for the useful info(: so my question is:
    Can I record music on Snapchat with my earphones on?
    I could do it with my s7 but having trouble with the s8. I so hope this is possible.
  • Abel_9
    Face recognition is trash on the s8 never worked with or without glasses. Would set the face recognition and then turn my phone off wluldnt move at all and NOPE! ...and the fingerprint sensor is confusing with the camera on the back. LOL oh well atleast its the newest samsung out, so i got that going for me lol
  • My_Name_is_OK
    what about hidden features? to turn on or off
  • Trigga13
    Umm should the apps that I have put into the secure folder still be accessible when I bring up the apps screen??
  • Alex_480
    When I transfered my app to secure folder I could not launch it. Why?
  • rastergrafx
    This article doesn't work for me. Privacy and Emergency doesn't appear in my settings.
  • sciancaleporejoe
    I was searching google for that same question ,Trigga13 ,when I found this article (which DOESN'T EVEN answer the question) lol anyway, it makes no sense to lock something in a secure fodder if it can still be accessed from the app drawer
  • rakeshcbhardwaj
    Seriously thanks Tom for your tips ? Turn off NFC. Turn on flight mode, reduce GPS accuracy, lower your screen resolution? Why not just turn the damn thing off. Battery will last a long time then. These kinds of articles are pointless. You've spent a shed load of money on your phone. It has wireless charging that allows you to conveniently charge it. It has fast charging. Here's an idea. Enjoy your phone and charge it in a few minutes when it's running down. Finger print sensor works fine for me. As does Iris/face recognition.
  • maricela.disch
    Hi, I am a new Galaxy S8 owner. I am having trouble connecting my phone to my cat via Bluetooth. I found another chat page and it seems many users are having the same issue? Can you provide an advise to solve this problem? Thanks, Amy new user
  • diannabry
    I hate this phone. I hate Bixby and now my text is messed up.
  • tambahsirahmumet
    It has been a while since I have updated my mobile phone and was awk'd with all the new features (display, security, applications, communication, etc) on the Galaxy S8+.
    In the past, it was always a chore to switch to a new phone due to all the re-configuration and re-installation steps. There are now tools that come on the phone that helps you get all your old applications reinstalled and configured. Makes getting a new phone a 'good' experience. Happy with my new Samsung...
  • shanes1972
    Hi Tom, l have had my galaxy 8 for 7mths and at present have a problen. When l click on a message the lacation button comes up and l don't know how to get rid of it. Can you please help?
    Accuracy of the S8 fingerprint sensor is very poor; to vastly improve recognition, add and scan the SAME finger 4 times ;)
  • krisstie228
    I have the s8+ and when I try to turn on the bixby voice commands in the setting on bixby home screen it keeps telling me to do a software update... when I click setting and view all updates it says there are none... I have already done the voice recognition but I can't get it to work and respond back.... can someone please help me
  • k3n273
    Sure let me just disable and downscale all the features of my expensive flagship phone sandbagging it when I could have just bought a cheaper phone in the first place.
  • ulthien
    Why does anyone need a new "samsung" account with your personal details stored (used, sold, stolen..) by ANOTHER company - for simple file system function usage.

    40 years in computers, still counting the human stupidity BUGS.