Samsung Galaxy S8 User Guide: Tips, Tricks and How-Tos

How to Make Your Galaxy S8 Faster

As the first devices packing Qualcomm's latest Snapdragon 835 system on a chip, Samsung's Galaxy S8 is one of the fastest phones you can buy right now. That means everything from gaming to multitasking to productivity always feels snappy, but that doesn't mean you can't tweak a few settings to get even better performance. So here are a few tips and tricks to wring every last bit of speed out of your Galaxy S8.Sam Rutherford

Change your performance mode

For the Galaxy S8, Samsung has thoughtfully implemented a device maintenance section that lets you choose from a number of performance modes — Optimized, Game, Entertainment and High Performance. However, despite the seemingly straightforward labels, the option called High Performance won't actually increase your processing power at all.

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That's because high performance mode is meant to increase your screen brightness and set the display to its full 2960 x 1440 resolution. For increasing performance, the setting you really want is Game Mode, which should give you smoother graphics while gaming and a little extra oomph while doing everything else. Just be aware that any performance gain comes at the cost of decreased battery life.

Go to the Device Maintenance section in Settings, tap the button for Performance Mode, and select Game Mode from the available options.

Clean up your phone

Another handy setting in the S8's Device Maintenance menu is its optimization setting. That setting gives you a quick look at how bogged down your phone currently is; you can press a button to clean out your cache and unnecessary background apps to bring your phone back up to full speed. For people who go days without turning off their phone, the optimization button is a super simple way to make sure your phone is running fast all the time.

Go to the Device Maintenance section in Settings, and hit the big blue button to optimize your phone.

Decrease your resolution

The more pixels your phone has to render, the more taxing it will be on your CPU and GPU, especially when it comes to gaming. But it you adjust the resolution down, you should be able to get slightly smoother and less stuttery gameplay.

Search for Display in Settings, select the option for Screen Resolution, and move the slider to the left to decrease your resolution.

Turn on download booster

Performance isn't always about crunching numbers or pumping out high FPS. So if you want to download things faster instead, you can turn on the S8's Download Booster setting. This allows your phone to use both Wi-Fi and LTE connections at the same time to download files even faster than normal. Since Download Booster is using your cellular connection, though, enabling this feature will have an impact on your overall data usage; it could push you up against and possibly over your data cap.

Search for Download Booster in Settings, and just tap the toggle to turn it on.

Turn on Game Launcher

If you are a really serious mobile gamer, enabling the S8's Game Launcher is a must. Not only does it provide a nice folder for storing all your games, inside the folder, there are dedicated options for disabling notifications during games, muting the sound when games are launched and turning on a various performance modes for either extra horsepower or increased battery saving.

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Search for Game Launcher in Settings, and just tap the toggle to turn it on. Note: If you have already installed games, the S8 will automatically place the app icons for each game inside a newly created Game Launcher folder.

Turn on Developer Mode

Not every setting on the phone is immediately available for you to adjust. If you turn on Developer Mode by tapping 7 times on the S8's build number in the About Phone section of Settings, you can unlock a whole new menu of settings to play around with.

In the developer options you can improve performance by adjusting things like how aggressive your phone is when switching between cell and Wi-Fi connections, speeding up animations when opening apps or navigating the home screen, and even changing hardware acceleration settings. Just know that changing some of these settings could potentially harm your phone — after all, these aren't things Samsung wanted everyone to play with.

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  • Petina82
    Hi Tom, thanks for the useful info(: so my question is:
    Can I record music on Snapchat with my earphones on?
    I could do it with my s7 but having trouble with the s8. I so hope this is possible.
  • Abel_9
    Face recognition is trash on the s8 never worked with or without glasses. Would set the face recognition and then turn my phone off wluldnt move at all and NOPE! ...and the fingerprint sensor is confusing with the camera on the back. LOL oh well atleast its the newest samsung out, so i got that going for me lol
  • My_Name_is_OK
    what about hidden features? to turn on or off
  • Trigga13
    Umm should the apps that I have put into the secure folder still be accessible when I bring up the apps screen??
  • Alex_480
    When I transfered my app to secure folder I could not launch it. Why?
  • rastergrafx
    This article doesn't work for me. Privacy and Emergency doesn't appear in my settings.
  • sciancaleporejoe
    I was searching google for that same question ,Trigga13 ,when I found this article (which DOESN'T EVEN answer the question) lol anyway, it makes no sense to lock something in a secure fodder if it can still be accessed from the app drawer
  • rakeshcbhardwaj
    Seriously thanks Tom for your tips ? Turn off NFC. Turn on flight mode, reduce GPS accuracy, lower your screen resolution? Why not just turn the damn thing off. Battery will last a long time then. These kinds of articles are pointless. You've spent a shed load of money on your phone. It has wireless charging that allows you to conveniently charge it. It has fast charging. Here's an idea. Enjoy your phone and charge it in a few minutes when it's running down. Finger print sensor works fine for me. As does Iris/face recognition.
  • maricela.disch
    Hi, I am a new Galaxy S8 owner. I am having trouble connecting my phone to my cat via Bluetooth. I found another chat page and it seems many users are having the same issue? Can you provide an advise to solve this problem? Thanks, Amy new user
  • diannabry
    I hate this phone. I hate Bixby and now my text is messed up.
  • tambahsirahmumet
    It has been a while since I have updated my mobile phone and was awk'd with all the new features (display, security, applications, communication, etc) on the Galaxy S8+.
    In the past, it was always a chore to switch to a new phone due to all the re-configuration and re-installation steps. There are now tools that come on the phone that helps you get all your old applications reinstalled and configured. Makes getting a new phone a 'good' experience. Happy with my new Samsung...
  • shanes1972
    Hi Tom, l have had my galaxy 8 for 7mths and at present have a problen. When l click on a message the lacation button comes up and l don't know how to get rid of it. Can you please help?
    Accuracy of the S8 fingerprint sensor is very poor; to vastly improve recognition, add and scan the SAME finger 4 times ;)
  • krisstie228
    I have the s8+ and when I try to turn on the bixby voice commands in the setting on bixby home screen it keeps telling me to do a software update... when I click setting and view all updates it says there are none... I have already done the voice recognition but I can't get it to work and respond back.... can someone please help me
  • k3n273
    Sure let me just disable and downscale all the features of my expensive flagship phone sandbagging it when I could have just bought a cheaper phone in the first place.