Quantum Dot to Bring Better Color to Smaller Screens

Ultra-colorful quantum dot displays aren't quite ubiquitous yet, but that could change soon. Massachusetts optics company QD Vision, has introduced a new piece of quantum dot optics, which could allow for LCD monitors and all-in-one PCs with better color than we've ever seen.

QD Vision's updated Color IQ tech uses 2mm-thin optics, which, compared to the previous standard of 3mm, will allow quantum dot to come to screens that are smaller than the one in your living room TV. Color IQ can currently be found on select TVs from companies such as Samsung and LG.

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A new buzzword, quantum dot is a technology that allows for full-gamut color. Quantum dot displays use unique nano-crystals to emit precise colors, which according to QD Vision, can be almost twice as rich and lifelike as what you'd see on the average LED TV. 

QD Vision also claims that quantum dot TVs are cheaper to produce than OLED sets. While this new tech continues to permeate TVs, it could impact new markets now that it's small enough for your computer monitor. Quantum dot's wide color gamut (which QD Vision says includes roughly 1 million colors) could allow for more immersive gaming monitors, and could turn your next all-in-one PC into a rich entertainment station.

While we don't know exactly when we'll see quantum dot come to smaller displays, we're certainly intrigued. If quantum dot is in fact cheaper and more colorful than OLEDs, it might only be a matter of time before the technology becomes a household name.

Source: Business Wire/QD Vision