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Oculus Go Just Got These Two Big Upgrades

SAN JOSE, Calif. — Oculus Quest may be the shiny new virtual headset on the block, but that doesn't mean that Oculus forgot about its first standalone system. While there was plenty of love for Quest at the Oculus Connect conference today (Sept. 26), there were a few intriguing announcements concerning Oculus Go.

After giving a quick rundown of Go's tech specs, Oculus executives reasserted the company's mission to make VR as social as possible — and that's important if Oculus has any hope of meeting FaceBook CEO Mark Zuckerberg's lofty goal of a 1 billion users in VR. So in addition to the refined Oculus Home Platform, the company is bring a casting to its Go standalone headset.

The company is starting with the small screen first, allowing for mobile casting from the mobile headset. TV casting will follow later.

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We saw a quick look at what Oculus Go casting will be like in a demo of an upcoming game called Covert. The premise of the game is simple — one person will don the Go headset with a goal of cracking safes and getting out of the area undetected. The other person, watching on a smartphone, will keep lookout and give the thief directions to successfully pull of the heist.

Highlighting the ability to watch movies, concerts and your favorite television shows in VR, Oculus announced the launch of YouTube VR. When it debuts, VR fans will have more than 800,000 virtual-reality videos to experience. But if YouTube really isn't your cup of tea, there's Oculus Venues which has a number of programs ready for its fall lineup, including comedy specials, live music, a horror movie marathon and Live NBA games — a first for the platform. And if you're looking for some VR swag, everyone who watches a game via Venues will get a team jersey for their avatar. 

It's nice to know that even though Oculus considers the Quest the end of its generation 1 devices, as Zuckerberg declared during his Connect keynote, the company is still refining each of its existing headsets while prepping of the future.

Sherri L. Smith

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