BBC iPlayer Movies to Watch Right Now: Catch Them Before They're Gone!


BBC iPlayer is primarily for the BBC's own shows. But it does license a fair amount of other content too, particularly feature films. They are not around for a long time, but if you stay alert, you can watch lots of excellent movies for free. Here are our current favourites about to leave the site, but be sure to check back in future to see what else is on its way out.

The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas (2008) - Expires Feb. 26

Credit: Miramax FilmsCredit: Miramax Films

Based on the best-selling book, this is a story of two boys. One is a Jewish inmate of a Nazi concentration camp, and the other the son of the camp’s commander. They maintain a secret friendship across the barbed wire fence between the camp and the outside world, with neither one truly aware of the horror of the situation they find themselves in.

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The Goob (2014) - Expires Mar. 4

Credit: BBC FilmsCredit: BBC FilmsSet in Norfolk, Goob is on the cusp of adulthood, but is stuck in a house with an uninterested mother and her unpleasant boyfriend. He finds an escape in his friends, stock car racing, and a new pumpkin picker who works in the fields near his home in the Fens.

Bill (2015) - Expires Mar. 5

Credit: BBC FilmsCredit: BBC FilmsA full-length feature starring the cast of CBBC’s Horrible Histories. Set in the early years of William Shakespeare’s career before he become the playwright that’s still celebrated to this day, it’s a mix of clever historical jokes and physical comedy that will entertain people of any age.

A Matter of Life and Death (1946) - Expires Mar. 5

Credit: Eagle-Lion FilmsCredit: Eagle-Lion FilmsAfter jumping from his crashing plane without a parachute, Peter Carter should by all rights be dead. But after his escort to heaven can’t find him in the thick fog on the channel, he survives. He meets up with the American radio operator he spoke to during his final flight, and they strike up a romance. But when Conductor 71 catches up with Carter and orders him to come to heaven with him, Carter demands a chance to appeal his death sentence.