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Apple Investigating iPhone XS Connectivity Issues (Report)

Reports that the latest iPhones may be having issues with LTE connectivity may have caught Apple's attention. At least one user affected by the problem says that Apple has reached out to him for more information.

MacRumors spotted a tweet by Devin Meredith, an iPhone XS Max owner who contacted Apple Support about reception issues with his new phone. In the tweet, Meredith says Apple contacted him and asked him to install a baseband logger so that it could monitor his phone's connections to cellular towers.

Apple has reportedly contacted other users who've reported problems with connectivity. We've asked Apple to confirm if this is case.

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If Apple is investigating the issue, it will be welcome news for the iPhone XS and XS Max owners who say that their phones are having trouble connecting over LTE and that they're noticingly slower page load times when browsing. While the reports mostly center around LTE connectivity, some users have cited problems with Wi-Fi in the new phones as well.

In its report, MacRumors notes that Apple's iOS 12.1 beta, which just came out, includes new firmware, though reactions have been mixed on whether those updates are having any impact on the problem.

LTE connectivity is just one of several problems iPhone XS owners have flagged. Some users have also said the latest iPhones have trouble charging while others think the front camera on the iPhone XS is over-aggressive when it comes to skin smoothing in self-portraits.