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iPhone 8 Won't Cost $1,000 After All?

Apple is known for charging a premium for its flagship products, but reports of a possible $1,000 iPhone 8 made some people wonder if the tenth anniversary iPhone would be priced way out of reach for most shoppers.

A new report, however, creates some hope for those of us who aren't swimming in cash.

The iPhone 8 will command a premium but maybe not a crazy one. Credit: Gabor Balogh

(Image credit: The iPhone 8 will command a premium but maybe not a crazy one. Credit: Gabor Balogh)

According to a UBS investor's note reported on by Apple Insider and CNBC, the iPhone 8 will start at between $850 and $900, while the 256GB model would be sold for $950 to $1,000.

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That doesn't sound like a huge price break, but the new Galaxy S8 starts at around $750, while the S8+ goes for $850. So a starting price of $850 for an OLED iPhone 8 doesn't seem that out of whack.

The UBS investor who provided the note, Steven Milunovich, said he believes that a $1,000 iPhone 8 would "hamper purchase volumes." You think?

bendable OLED display isn't the only premium feature expected in the iPhone 8. Based on other iPhone 8 rumors, it's expected to pack wireless charging, a faster new A11 chip, and a new 3D camera that could be used for both facial recognition and exciting new augmented reality features.

UBS also predicts that the iPhone 7s and 7s Plus could see a price decrease of around $100 per model, which would create more space between the standard iPhones and Apple's new halo device.

Concept: Gabor Balogh