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Feast Your Eyes on the New iPhone 2019 Colors (Report)

It looks like Apple is ready for a change of color with this year's iPhones.

Credit: Macotakara

(Image credit: Macotakara)

Bloomberg's Mark Gurman, following up on a tweet that showed off alleged case moldings for the three iPhone 11 models, shared a picture on Twitter that reveals four of the colors apparently in Apple's plans for this year's successor to the iPhone XR.

The colors represented by plastic casings in Gurman's tweet are lavender, green, yellow and white. iPhone XR fans will recognize those last two as holdovers from the 2018 iPhone XR's rainbow of colors. The lavender and green options would be new, replacing coral and blue.

This isn't the only source reporting on Apple's color plans for the 2019 edition of the iPhone XR. Japanese blog Macotakara posted a similar report earlier this week that the 6.1-inch iPhone 11 model would feature six colors with lavender and green joining white, black, yellow and the (Product)Red model.

Since all of this is rumored at this point, it's unclear why Apple decided to keep some colors while jettisoning others, but that's not out of character for the company. Apple has a track record of cycling different colors in and out of its lineup in hopes of catching the eye of its users, as anyone who lived through the rose gold era of Apple products will remind you.

The current iPhone XR lineup (Credit: Apple)

(Image credit: The current iPhone XR lineup (Credit: Apple))

When Apple took the wraps off the iPhone XR colors last year, we spoke to a color consultant, who found the coral option fresh and modern and the blue to be a traditional Apple color in the vein of the Bondi blue iMac of years gone by. Perhaps consumers didn't feel the same way, as if those colors proved to be popular, you'd image Apple would keep the around for the iPhone 11.

Should you like the look of the blue and coral iPhone XR, you've still got some time to snap up an iPhone in one of those colors. Apple's not likely to roll out the new iPhones until later this fall. In the meantime, get caught up on all of the latest iPhone 11 rumors.