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iOS 8.1 Brings Back Camera Roll, New Photo Library

Apple has finally unveiled iOS 8.1 (available for download Monday, Oct 20, for free). The anticipated update should hopefully soothe the woes of troubled iOS 8 users. In addition to performance improvements, bug fixes and the activation of Apple Pay, iOS 8.1's most welcome upgrade may be the return of the Camera Roll.

iOS 8 inexplicably got rid of the traditional Camera Roll photo album in iPhones, which served as a catchall location for all pictures and screenshots captured by your device. The photos taken prior to an upgrade to iOS 8 were then scattered in Collections within the Photos app, roughly organized by location and date, making them hard to find.

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In iOS 8.1, Apple is also bringing a new feature called iCloud Photo Library that will sync your pictures and videos — along with any edits you make to them — automatically across your iPhones, iPads and MacBooks. Since these will be stored in original format and resolution, you might run out of space. Your first 5GB in iCloud is free, and you can get 20GB for $0.99 a month (200GB for $4 a month; other tiers available up to 1TB).

Hopefully, iOS 8 will solve the problems brought about by iOS 8 (and the subsequent iOS 8.0.1 patch), which includes camera freeze-ups, disabled cellular connectivity and Touch ID problems.

Staff writer Cherlynn Low will not upgrade to iOS 8 on her iPhone 5s. Follow her @cherlynnlowFollow Tom's Guide at @tomsguide and on Facebook.