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iPW Turns Your iPod Nano Into a Classy Pocket Watch

The iPod has become a ubiquitous piece of technology spanning the globe. With universality oddly enough also comes creativity. Thanks to the popularity of the iPod, we get to see quite a number of creative accessories to go along with the popular devices. Edwin Conan has taken class, function, and the Apple technology to the next level with his iPocketWatch case—turning a normal square mp3 player into a fusion of status and utility.

The case essentially allows an iPod Nano, when set to its Roman numeral watch face mode, to be mounted and clipped to one’s body as a pocket watch would be. Aircraft grade aluminum gives the item an expensive look while still allowing access to any buttons on the unit, while a 12” chain ensures that your prized status symbol remains yours and firmly on your person. 

The design initially started out as a Pozible crowd-funding project, but has since reached its funding goals and gone into production. A donation of $100 allowed supporters to purchase either a round or square faced model. For the price, you will not be able to find a classier watch with the utility of Apple technology—who wouldn't want to turn their mp3 player into an ultra-classy symbol of style?