How to Use Amazon Alexa's Crystal Ball

Will you find love? Will you get promoted? Will you win the lottery? Who doesn't love a little Magic 8-Ball-style fortune telling fun? Your Amazon Echo is happy to play along.

In addition to Alexa's built-in skills of playing music, reading the news, answering factual questions, forecasting the weather and checking the traffic, Amazon made it easy for developers to add new "skills" by accessing third-party, Internet services. One of those is Crystal Ball, which answers questions you say out loud. When you activate the service, Alexa will be able to tell your fortune.

1. Open the Alexa app.

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2. Tap the three bar menu on the top left.

3. Tap Skills.

4. Type Crystall Ball
in the search bar at the top of the page.

5. Tap Enable on the button.

6. Say Launch Crystal Ball to the Amazon Echo. Alexa will confirm its connection to the service and ask you to confirm you're ready by saying Ready.

7. Ask Alexa your question. In my case, I said, "Alexa, ask Crystal Ball if I'm going to win the lottery." Alexa responded, "Signs are unclear at this time." So, she's saying there's a chance. Excellent!

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Anna Attkisson
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