How to Get Old Snapchat Back (There’s a Catch)

Snapchat's big redesign is finally rolling out to more users, and their reactions have not been good.

Fortunately, there is one way to regain the Snapchat of yesteryear, though it's not the silver bullet some may want.

While it may sound more like a boycott than a fix, the best way to get the old Snapchat is to delete the app. This method from Twitter user Clare James (@clarejames9) is a little convoluted, but it works — with one big asterisk.

If you use Clare James' trick (which only works on iOS), you will only keep the old Snapchat until you force-quit the app, or until Snapchat decides to update the app in the background. Snapchat's also told Mashable that the workaround is indeed only temporary, though it declined to say how long it will last.

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Also, Snapchat — aware that users are reinstalling their app — put out an advisory, warning users to backup their Memories before going through with this change.

Here's how to get the old Snapchat back:

1. Delete Snapchat from your iPhone by holding down the app icon and then tapping the X. Sorry Android snappers, this trick is iOS only.

2. Tap Delete to confirm the deletion.

3. Open Settings.

4. Tap iTunes & App Store.

5. Turn off Updates.

6. Open Snapchat in the App Store. Here, I've pulled down the search menu in iOS and tapped View next to Snapchat.

7. Tap Download.

8. Tap Log In.

9. Enter your email address and tap Forgot your password?

10. Tap via Phone.

11. Prove that you're not a robot by finishing a test, and tap Continue. Here, I tapped images with the Snapchat ghost in them.

12. Enter your phone number, and tap Continue.

13. Select Send via SMS.

14. Enter the confirmation code Snapchat texts you, and tap Continue.

15. Enter a new password twice, and tap Continue.

16. Tap Log In.

17. Enter your email address or username and your new password.

18. Enter the code Snapchat sends you if you have 2 Factor Authentication turned on.

Congrats, you've got the old Snapchat back!

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  • mattalligator43
    This trick does not work because you can't go back to old snapchat and you are stuck with the new update!
  • henrytcasey
    Anonymous said:
    This trick does not work because you can't go back to old snapchat and you are stuck with the new update!

    It worked at the time of testing today, and I'll test it later and check that it's not working anymore. I did note that Snapchat was aware of this and admitted it was a temporary hack that wouldn't last forever.
  • hunkfunkchunk
    It did work! Thanks!