High-End PC Speakers: Which Are Worth Your Dollars?

Creative GigaWorks S750: Gigantic

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Creative GigaWorks S750
Manufacturer's Specifications
Low-range amp power210W
Satellite amp power7 x 70W
Frequency response20Hz - 40kHz
Line inputcontrol
Satellite size (without stand)115mm X 165mm X 125mm
Subwoofer size315mm X 350mm X 355mm

A brand new high-end Creative speaker system, the GigaWorks is well named. It is a whole lot bigger than any other system for PCs so far. Its looks are in the same style as the other Creative models, being smart but very discreet: it is all in gray or black and is not too loud.

The great new feature in this system compared to other Creative high-end ones is that the satellites are now little two-way speakers instead of not so bad wideband ones. Naturally, you expect a greater frequency response range and less directivity in the high range. When you take the cloth cover off the plastic grid, you find a lovely loudspeaker measuring about 80mm with a polypropylene membrane and a rubber half-roller suspension device. The high range is reproduced by a tweeter with a titanium dome of about 20mm mounted in a horn.