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Creative Inspire T7700: 7.1 For The Reasonable?

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Creative Inspire T7700
Manufacturer's Specifications
Low-range amp power24W
Satellite amp power6 x 8W
Center channel amp power20W
Frequency response40 Hz - 20 kHz
Line inputcontrol
Front speaker size95mm X 197mm X 95mm
Rear speaker size95mm x 166mm x 95mm
Subwoofer size180mm X 310mm X 275mm

What you might call a middle-range model, the T7700 is one of the very few systems with eight broadcast channels and at an affordable price.

This system has many features more or less derived from other Creative speakers and so will seem familiar. For instance, the subwoofer, which is the basis of the T7700 and includes the amplifier, is very much like that of other Creative products. In general, the T7700 has a classic structure with a subwoofer containing the electronics but an external transformer (making more wires in an installation which is not short of them), a wired remote and seven satellites. Its looks are fairly discreet and will not shock, but no special effort has gone into the design.