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Logitech X-620: Small Format 6.1

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Logitech X-620
Manufacturer's Specifications
Low-range amp power24.3W
Satellite amp power4 x 7.5W
Center channel amp power2 x 8W
Frequency response35Hz - 20kHz
Line inputno
Satellite size102mm X 127mm X 108mm
Subwoofer size222mm X 229mm X 241mm

The X-620 is a member of the still limited 6.1 family and is surprisingly small. This will please many potential buyers who don't want to be crowded. It's not so pleasing if results are what you want, as small size inevitably means compromise on that score.

The subwoofer, housing the electronics, is a little cube easy to find a home for. It still manages to contain the entire power supply which is fed in by a mains cable via a standard socket, a good thing, that. For the acoustics, there is a 20cm loudspeaker, which seems to operate on a closed load. In fact, the visible loudspeaker is passive, the active one is internal with a rear load like a bass-reflex. This sophisticated type of load - what we might call a band pass system - does mean you can lower the volume and still drop into the extreme bass range, but the impulse response is far from optimal. More of this in the results.