High-End PC Speakers: Which Are Worth Your Dollars?

Logitech X-620: Small Format 6.1, Continued

The satellites are all the same. They are mushroom-shaped and have a little 45cm wideband loudspeaker with a prominent central dome and a half-roller suspension in coated fabric. The load is a sort of bass-reflex since is has a little port at the back. Each satellite is mounted on a plastic stand with a screw slot to make it a wall-mounting support when you tip it. There are Cinch sockets for subwoofer connection with color codes to prevent any connection error.

The controls are on the front right satellite and consist of a push-button to switch on and a volume control, plus a 3.5mm jack socket - not a lot. The range level is adjusted on the subwoofer, which is not very convenient if the subwoofer is under a desk. There is however a selector to upmix the system to 6.1 from a 4.1 or 5.1 sound card. A cable from the right front satellite connects the sound card with three 3.5mm jacks on the end: two 3-pin ones for the front and surround and a 4-pin one for the bass and two centers (front and rear). This fixed cable system is not a good idea and having two big cables going into one small satellite makes the satellite unstable; if it is suddenly shifted, it can easily tip it over if it is near the edge of a desk or any other support. It can't be said that the X-620 is very convenient to use.