High-End PC Speakers: Which Are Worth Your Dollars?

Results: It Works

With the same satellites as the 7700, it follows that the 5400 gives the same results. Frequency response is similar to the 7700, apart from a difference in scattering due to the model. So we get good balance with a peak around 3kHz and a slump around 6kHz.

Their differences are in the bass range because the subwoofer is different. Understandably, it does not go down so low, while you can't really fault its response since the third-octave centered on 63Hz is hardly attenuated and the 50Hz is still respectable. These results are remarkable for a system of this price.

Top Sound Level: 106dB SPL

On playback, the T5400 is very credible for DVD video, even in very loud movies with explosions, detonations and airplane fly-pasts like in Pearl Harbor. For close-up listening, you don't at all get the impression you're using a "small" system. So you won't be disappointed if you like action movies, while quieter atmospheres also come across well.

For music playback, you can refer to the review of the T7700 because the speakers are the same. The results are practically identical, i.e. very good, especially when you think how much the system costs. The subwoofer doesn't perform quite as well, especially when the music throbs, but at this price, you can't expect miracles. If you can't afford to spend a lot, the T5400 range is a very good choice for general purposes.