High-End PC Speakers: Which Are Worth Your Dollars?

Results: Attractive Features

Like many similar systems, the T770 has a somewhat exuberant bass range. But if you muffle the subwoofer you can get a response that is properly balanced and smooth. There is a slump between the subwoofer and the satellites, but it is slight. While the top of the range is a bit irregular, it is not overly so. The subwoofer goes for a "working" bass range (80 to 125Hz), an understandable choice that should make it more effective. This is shown in the top sound level measurements where the T7700 reaches very respectable heights in relation to the power input.

Top Sound Level: 110dB SPL

Cinema sound comes over very well, as you realize from the outset. You'd think you were there, and only side-by-side comparison shows the dynamics are less than on a more powerful system. If you don't have a big area to fill with sound, the T7700 should please you: the bass range is definitely present and the satellites make for very good listening.

For music playback, the T7700 does not just hold its own. However, once the subwoofer level right, sound reproduction is nicely balanced. The midrange has both satisfactory definition and adequate neutrality. It may not be the absolute tops, but the T7700 is great for listening to music.For the price, we think the Inspire T7700 is a great success.