High-End PC Speakers: Which Are Worth Your Dollars?


The price ranges of the systems we tested vary widely. Obviously, you can't expect the same things from all of them and they are not designed for the same uses or desires. If you want something that is convenient, easy to use and delivers at an affordable price, then go for the Creative T5400 and T7700. If you want more, you must be prepared to spend more and buy the Logitech Z5300. It may be "just" a 5.1, but its power and performance will not disappoint you. Finally, if no financial or space sacrifice is too great, then the Creative GigaWorks is the best system around - 7.1, power, quality sound - it has just about everything. It has also become our benchmark.

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Speaker SystemsPrice
Creative T5400 (5.1)$99
Creative T7700 (7.1)$130
Creative GigaWorks 7.1$499
Logitech X-620 (6.1)$100
Logitech Z5300 (5.1)$200
Terratec Home Arena TXR884 7.1$199