High-End PC Speakers: Which Are Worth Your Dollars?

Good Results And Great Sound

The 5300 gave us a great frequency response, perfectly balanced and smooth. Only the 40Hz (a resonance of our listening room) and the third-octave centered on 16kHz (the high resonance of the satellite transducers above 13kHz) are beyond it. Need we say that no-one will notice. In the bass range, our expectations were also fulfilled with a response below 40Hz and no significant attenuation. It really does cover the whole sound spectrum.

The sound level test took us over 110dB SPL, so that will keep you happy. All the more because it does it without leaving the bass behind, so even at this level, you don't get the impression your ears will be shattered by dreadful distorted sounds.

Top Sound Level: 112dB SPL

There is no doubt that the combination of well-designed satellites and a good-sized subwoofer with powerful amplification gives spectacular results in cinema sound. Both strong and delicate, this system is bound to please the demanding audiophile. The fact that it can reproduce the extreme bass range at high volume adds an extra dimension to many movies. Big action and war ones obviously, but also intimate situation ones by reproducing atmospheres better. Proof that a good 5.1 is better than an ordinary 6.1 or 7.1.

For music playback, the 5300 is definitely a class ahead due to its midrange which is more than respectable and a well-turned high range, without the harshness you get in a lot of other systems and with the advantage of a deep and powerful bass which lets you enjoy all the details of this pitch. And distortion hardly kicks in when you turn up the sound. The 5300 is certainly dearer than the other systems around, but it certainly gives you more for your money. Tempting - if you can afford it.