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Grado RS-1i Enhances Music with Mahogany

The digital age has given us really tiny portable music players, capacitance touchscreens, and crystal clear music at high compression rates. While most would hail that a triumph of progress, there's a school of thought in music that something gets lost in the digital translation. To these hardcore aficionados, nothing beats the warmth and crunchiness of analog.

The Grado RS1i headphones seems to be marketed towards that particular demographic. Each open-backed cup is carved from mahogany, which Grado claims gives this set a "smooth, controlled and coherent sound with detailed dynamics". It's got a frequency response range of 12 to 30 kHz, and drivers matched to 0.05 dB.

Style and performance don't come cheap, though. The RS1i sells for over $600 at Amazon. That's quite an investment for a pair of headphones.

[source: Grado via Cool Material]