The Camera Hole In Samsung’s Next Galaxy Phones Looks Pretty Damn Big

This is allegedly the Samsung Galaxy A8, which will reportedly feature an Infinity-O display just like the Galaxy S10. Is that hole a bit of an eyesore or is it just me?

Credit: All About Samsung/Samsung Mobile News

(Image credit: All About Samsung/Samsung Mobile News)

If this tweet from Samsung Mobile News is accurate, the Galaxy A8’s display will allegedly have a hole that is 6.7 millimeters diameter to allow for the selfie camera to see through. That’s more than a quarter of an inch: 0.264 inch.

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While this is definitely an improvement over the much hated notch, it may still be quite distracting for many people.

The Samsung Galaxy S10 will allegedly have the same Infinity-O display, although it may have not one but two holes, at least according to the financial publication The Bell. The pub claims that the S10 will have five cameras, three on the back like the A7 and two in the front. If true, that will definitely be distracting. At that point you may as well use a notch.

Galaxy S10 concept. Credit: Ice Universe

(Image credit: Galaxy S10 concept. Credit: Ice Universe)

Samsung Mobile CEO DJ Koh promised a radical redesign for the Galaxy S10. Reports by rumor whisperer Ice Universe, who is a reliable source for Samsung news, claimed that the render above was an accurate depiction of the S10.

We will likely have to wait until February 2019, when Samsung is expected to introduce the Galaxy S10 at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Spain.

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