Galaxy S10 Leak Reveals Key Features

Samsung's work on the Galaxy S10 has already begun. And all signs point to it being a major upgrade over last year's model.

Credit: Tom's Guide

(Image credit: Tom's Guide)

The Korean tech giant has codenamed its Galaxy S10 "Beyond," according to a new report from The Bell. The branding is believed to be a reference to Samsung delivering features that are "beyond" anything you can get your hands on today.

Chief among those features you can't find elsewhere is a virtual fingerprint sensor baked into the screen. According to the report, which cited sources and was earlier discovered by BGR, Samsung is planning to bundle a virtual sensor in the smartphone, but it could nix the idea if manufacturing problems continue to plague its smartphones. Considering it has several months to get it right, however, there's a good chance that Samsung could work those out and get the long-awaited sensor into the Galaxy S10.

Additionally, The Bell's sources say Samsung could be working on a 3D face-sensing module similar to the Face ID function you'd find in Apple's iPhone X.

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According to the report, Samsung is currently working with a company called Mantis Vision to develop 3D scanning. The company believes the feature would be superior to the Intelligent Scan feature in its Galaxy S9, which combines iris scanning and 2D face scanning in one. However, the feature, which has been rumored in the past, could ultimately be shelved if Samsung isn't able to get enough supply for what is expected to be a popular smartphone.

Samsung did say earlier this year that it's working on a new Galaxy. Whether it will actually be called the Galaxy S10, however, remains to be seen. Earlier this year, the copmany suggested that it's considering ditching either the S or the number at the end in future versions.
The next Samsung flagship after the Galaxy Note, then, could be known simply as the Galaxy S or the Galaxy 10.

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  • Brad_53
    All I want is a fingerprint scanner under the screen. Yea Yea it's all I want. I don't care about any face scanner, woah woah woah.
  • drseuss1182
    This is a minor improvement in the grand scale of things...I will wait for all the details but I dont think these phone are worth buy 1 version after another... i think its best waiting like 3 years in between phones to really see an improvement from one phone to another...example i phone 5s to galaxy s8 is a huge jump tech wise but when you go version to version consecutively the small additions to me at least not worth the jump
  • markwsmets
    The next iterations on these devices are coming way too frequently. MOST people dont use 50% of the phones capability as it is. If I hadn't lost my last LG V10 to a water related accident, I could have waited another two years.

    The manufacturers should space the timing out and really create the "want" in the consumers belly versus just another offering. Don't worry, I get all sides of the story.