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Galaxy Note 9 Release Date and Features Revealed

Mark your calendars. We have a tentative date for the Galaxy Note 9 launch.

Last year's Note 8 (pictured) could soon make way for a newer model. (Credit: Tom's Guide)

(Image credit: Last year's Note 8 (pictured) could soon make way for a newer model. (Credit: Tom's Guide))

Bloomberg reports that the latest phablet from Samsung will debut on August 9, likely at a press event in New York. That would put the Note 9 on track to ship by the end of August.

That reported timing is no accident. Apple typically holds an event of its own in early September, with new phones unveiled at that event going on sale a few weeks later. If the August 9 date proves accurate — and Bloomberg holds out the possibility that the schedules could shift — the Note 9 could enjoy a month-long jump on the release of whatever iPhone X sequel Apple has planned.

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If the Note 9 does debut on August 9, it would be earlier than usual for Samsung's phablet. Last year, the Note 8 was unveiled August 23. The earlier release date is in line with previous rumors about the Note 9, some of which claimed Samsung's next phone could appear as soon as July.

As for the phone itself, Bloomberg reports that Samsung will focus on an improved camera in the Note 9. When the Galaxy S9 came out earlier this year, it featured an adjustable aperture, a super slo-mo video feature and multiframe noise reduction for improved images. Those features helped make the Galaxy S9 one of the top-rated camera phones, so it makes sense for Samsung to incorporate them in the Note 9.

The Note 9 is also expected to featured an improved processor, most likely the Snapdragon 845. Samsung has already confirmed that Bixby 2, the next-generation of the company's digital assistant will make its debut on the Note 9.

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