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LG Now Makes the World's Thinnest Bezel LCD

You've gotta love those multi-monitor set ups that take many LCD screens to make a giant video wall. Be it your home setup of Eyefinity 3 or 6, you want the thinnest bezel possible so that you're not dealing with big, black borders around each display.

If it's the thinnest you want, then LG now has the title for the thinnest bezel with a 37-inch screen with a gap between the panels from just 4 mm left/right 1.5 mm, top/bottom 2.5 mm.

The displays have actually been engineered to stack to create massive screens for commercial use. They'll be on demo next week in Japan in a 3x3 111-inch arrangement as picture above.

Source: OLED Display

  • fjiekie
    um, where is the picture?
  • decepticon
    Yeah really, pics or it didn't happen.
  • jee_are
  • Um guys, thats pretty much it. Thats how small it is.
  • de_com

    You can see the picture here
  • Um guys, its there. Thats how small it is.
  • tsnorquist
    I wonder if making the bezel transparent would mitigate the sectioning effect with multiple screens?
  • jomofro39
    Why is there only a 37-inch model? I would love some 22s or something.....throw some Ds on my table
  • vectorm12
    great now can I have them at 24"/1920x1200 and at a reasonable price?

    Still haven't figured out why there's a need for the bezel to begin with other than perhaps structural purposes...
  • huron
    I was looking for something just like this a year ago when I wanted to fit a larger TV in a cabinet. So many TVs have such huge bezels that it made it nearly impossible to find something to fit...

    I guess I bought a year too early on this