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AT&T Customers Still Very Unhappy With Service

Unhappy with your AT&T wireless service? You're not alone. According to a survey conducted in March 2010, AT&T's customer satisfaction ranked at the bottom amongst U.S. carriers.

Only 23 percent of AT&T customers said that they were very satisfied with their service, while Verizon lead the way at 49 percent high satisfaction rate. In the middle was Sprint/Nextel at 35 percent, while T-Mobile was also at the bottom with 23 percent.

What separates AT&T and T-Mobile at the bottom is percentage of dropped calls. Respondents said that 4.5 percent of AT&T calls were dropped over the previous 90 days, while T-Mobile had a 2.8 percent rate. Sprint/Nextel was next at 2.4 percent and Verizon led the way again at 1.5 percent call drop rate.

Surprisingly, only 8 percent of AT&T customers said that they would switch carriers within the next 90 days – an advantage believed to be held thanks to the iPhone. In comparison, 10 percent of Sprint/Nextel and 14 percent of T-Mobile customers planned to switch. 7 percent of Verizon customers said that they would switch in the next 90 days.

The survey polled 4,040 consumers and was conducted and reported by ChangeWave. Read more here.